Winshluss' Pinocchio -- Now at the Store!

Alright, it's about time someone aside from Jamie Salomon spoke about the new Pinocchio book, which by the way, won the Best Comic Book Prize at this year's Angouleme Festival. I flipped it open yesterday and happily fell deep into the rabbit hole for the rest of the night. Winshluss's linework has a disney cartoon quality, which makes this corrupted children's tale that much more disturbing and fun to look at. Winshluss is endlessly inventive in both content and form- he tells many different stories at once and changes medium almost at random, but maintains a coherent narrative arc so that you're never bored.

His occasional full-page watercolour and pastel drawings are nothing short of beautiful. In a strange way, they give the story a sense of realism. I suppose the change of format acts the way documentary photos would.

Being a French cartoonist, Winshluss is obsessed with sex, death, viscera, scat, and exposing the dark side of humanity. But this album is also a political parable, and contains a strange sense of moral justice. I don't think it would be fair to call the guy 'immoral'. Does that even matter? I don't know.

When we finally got this album in the store, Jamie Salomon was so excited, he took it home and read the nearly 200 pages cover to cover twice over-- same day! Off hand, I remember Jamie also loving 'Monster Men Bureiko' and 'Panier de Singe'.. both of which are also in the store. Come by and check em all out!

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