Yesterday we received a large shipment of books from Fantagraphics, so on your next visit you may notice a couple of new or re-stocked items.

I was really impressed with Fanta's completely decadent and over-gratuitous packaging. First, the books are wrapped in small bundles with craft paper, as carefully taped and folded as a Christmas package. After they've passed through the tender hands of she/he who wrapped, they are lovingly suspended by trillions of styrofoam peanuts in a carefully taped box. Every edge of the box is sealed up, presumably so that the already remote possibility of damage from the elements is completely extinguished.

Not like Baker and Taylor...they just throw the goods in a box. Whenever I open their shipments, I actually imagine dudes in a warehouse playing basketball with books and boxes.

Fantagraphics, you can give me a job at your warehouse, I really love wrapping presents.

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