Groundhog Day

Spring is finally, maybe, coming. Maybe. I'm one of those winter curmudgeons, so the fact that it's been raining (as opposed to snowing, or just sunny and freezing) fills my heart with glee. I'm already thinking about gardening on my balconies. Actually, I've been thinking about gardening on my balconies since the first cold day when my geraniums bit the dust. If you are fantasizing about gardening too, you should take a look at the few horticultural gems we stock at the store.

^ This one, a manifesto and how-to guide on urban guerrilla gardening, is very suitable for the coming season. One thing a lot of people love about Montreal as a landscape and as a metropolis is that it's crumbling and thereby totally suitable for botanical reclamation. Oh yeah, except for that whole "winter" thing. Doesn't exactly promote life. Can you tell that I'm sick of winter?

This next title has really nothing to do with gardening, but is a favorite of mine. Amos Tutuola is a Nigerian writer who was greatly influenced by Yoruba folk traditions, particularly those told by his grandfather, a master of the Yoruban oral storytelling genre. His stories, more like novellas, were written and published in English, and his unique use of the English language coupled with his totally bizarre and amazing narratives are sure to please. Read it on your balcony, amongst your freshly planted geranium bulbs.

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