Karen Kilimnik

Now in store is the most up-to-date catalogue on Karen Kilimnik, released in honor of a traveling museum survey of the artist back in 2007. This luxurious book with a sweet glittery gold inside cover showcases the work of this inspiring artist whose work many have likened to Elizabeth Peyton's. The two are famous for their glam 19th century-inspired portraits of beautiful people painted with a naive, sensible and romantic edge.

Kilimnik has touched drawing, painting, video, collage and installation art, but no matter what medium she uses, romantic decadence and glamorized lifestyles always transpire. Look at these melancholic, fragile and valiant lines!

I found this installation, The Hellfire Club Episode of the Avengers, to be especially exquisite. According to Artinfo, it is "a cluttered arrangement of photocopied images, clothing, drawings, and other objects that reverently obsesses over the glamour, danger, and mod kitsch of the 1960s television show." The picture I took of this cleverly haphazard-looking installation is really bad, so all the more reason for you to come to the store and take a look at this gorgeous book in person!

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