Latest 211 Bestsellers!

In anticipation of a new regular feature on this blog, here's our recent bestsellers list! A little more tweaking and this will be a regularly updated sidebar. Look at those locals go! (sales since last August)

#1. OJINGOGO by Matthew Forsythe

#2. LOUIS RIEL by Chester Brown

#3. WATCHMEN by Alan Moore

#4. BEBE by Nadia Moss

#5. MILK TEETH by Julie Morstad

#6. NO ONE BELONGS HERE MORE THAN YOU. Stories by Miranda July

#7. ACME NOVELTY NO.19 By Chris Ware

#8. Various posters by Montrealer Jack Dylan

#9. WHAT IT IS by Lynda Barry

#10. MOOMIN BOOK 3! By Tove Jansson

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