Picks o' the Week

We've got Bolano's The Savage Detectives in stock! I haven't picked it up yet, so I can't really provide you with a proper review or even a worthy synopsis, but if you've been meaning to go through Bolano's whole repertoire, you can start here.

This next title is a really great survey on figure painting, ranging from the stodgy to the contemporary. Matt first showed it to me and I agree that it's a pretty definitive compilation on the subject, divided into 5 parts: The Figure Unravelled, The Urban Condition, Other Worlds, Folk Tales, and the Past Deconstructed.

Filled with great color plates, synopses on each painter's practice, and artist bios...more than just another coffee table book, and reasonably priced too! ($37.95)

Also, can I please remind you how sweet this book is?

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