Buy Indie Day, New Hours, and a Hello

Hello devoted 211 Blog readers! This message is coming to you from the newest member of the bookstore staff: Julia (see picture below featuring found art provided by customers).

Tomorrow, Friday May 1st, is Buy Indie Day.

Some of you wise guys out there may say: "But what, pray tell, is Buy Indie Day?"

Buy Indie Day is your chance to pay a visit to your local independent media retailer and celebrate your love for small business. Come in, buy a book, get us to recommend another book, buy that one, and go home happy!

Finally, to accommodate the brunch crowd, please note that we will also be open at 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are a member of said crowd, please be welcome in our store on weekends.

Free Comic Day!

Saturday, May 2nd is Free Comic Day! and the fine folks at the HQ D+Q office have created 32 page John Stanley comic for your (free!) reading pleasure. It is half Melvin Monster, half Nancy and all charm. Stop by the store to grab your copy.

Yesterday's Triple Book Launch

Yesterday was crazy poetry night at the store, with Vehicule, Bibloasis and Wolsak & Wynn presenting a triple Book launch and poetry reading session. Thanks to Norm Sibum (who gave us all the good gossip about his real and imaginary friends), Robert Moore (who taught us about The Golden Book of Bovinities) and Jason Guriel (who sure surprised us with his sock puppet poem) for sharing their work with us.

Here are some pics of the three tall poets, in order of appearance:

Funny Misshapen Body

Spring is bringing many new books to 211 Bernard. Jeffrey Brown has just released Funny Misshapen Body and we're sure it will become a best seller around these parts. The book has all the makings of a Jeffrey Brown classic—awkward encounters with the opposite sex, Marvel Comics obsessions, as well as self-image discoveries. Misshapen Body also recounts the making of his first (and for many fans, best) graphic novels: Clumsy.

Triple book launch

Vehicule, Bibloasis and Wolsak & Wynn Present a triple Book launch and poetry reading - April 23rd 7pm. The authors will be reading from their new books, refreshments will be supplied.

Norm Sibum's The Pangborn Defence marks a departure from his previous verse, and will be something of a surprise for those who have followed his career over the last thirty years.

Norm Sibum has been writing and publishing poetry for over thirty years.Born in Oberammergau in 1947, he grew up in Germany, Alaska, Utah and Washington. His most recent collection, Girls and Handsome Dogs won the Quebec Writers Federation A. M. Klein Prize. Sibum currently lives in Montreal.

In his second book of poems: Pure Product, Jason Guriel cuts a dazzling figure whipsmart,charismatic, with a mischievousness always eager to play for more serious stakes. The poems in Pure Product celebrate the purity of complicated feelings distilled to crisp expression, a pure poetry true to the impurities of life.

Jason Guriel, author of the poetry collection, Technicolored (Exile, 2006), is widely published in American, British, and Canadian magazines. He received the Frederick Bock Prize from Poetry Magazine, and his work was anthologized in The Best Canadian Poetry in English (Tightrope, 2008).

If film noir could be written in verse, the poet to do it would be Robert Moore. In Figuring Ground poetry is dark, elegant and disconcerting.This accomplished poet considers his family, his life and the inner musings of cows.Drawing on his experience as an actor and playwright, Moore has created a collection that is richly atmospheric and filled with cinematic details.

Robert Moore was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He is an actor, director, playwright and editor. Figuring Ground is his third book of poetry.

New Doug Wright Book!

That big shiny red book that came in the store a few days ago collects the work of one of Canada's first great cartoonists, but not many people may realize what an important role Montreal had in Doug Wright's career and development.

Although originally from England, Wright spent all of his formative years in Montreal and this is where he produced some of the best work of his career. There are many visual references to the city throughout the book, from drawings of what appears to be ramshackle farmhouses in Cote Des Neiges in the 40s... a drawing of Mansfield street (with his office in the Sun Life Building in the background).

Then there's his numerous great covers for The Montreal Star and in one of his Nipper strips there's the Rockland Centre circa 1962.

Even Nipper's house in the strip is based on the Wright family's own house in Lachine.

But beyond these many references, there's a lot more going on here: It was in this city that Wright got many of his first big breaks, like getting his rent free studio at Sun Life to work on his comics, or getting hired by The Montreal Standard and, later, The Montreal Star, to work on comics and many covers.

He honed his skills over this crucial period and along the way he went on to become the best at what he did.

Moonchild - The Films of Kenneth Anger

Now in store is this gorgeous paperback book about the films of my fave filmmaker. Inside it, you'll find a great mix of beautiful black and white full-page pictures and intelligent, thoroughly researched texts. Here's what the backcover has to say about the book's assets:

Moonchild presents revelatory texts on the occult, mind-altering, homo-erotic, synaesthetic and pop-culture tropes to be found within such classic underground films as Fireworks, Inaugeration of the Pleasure Dome, Scorpio Rising, Kustom Kar Kommandos, Invocation of My Demon Brother, and Lucifer Rising. Moonchild also contains a host of opulent film images, quotes from Kenneth Anger, and a detailed filmography, making it the definitive study of one of cinema's most charismatic yet elusive innovators.

Seriously, this is a meta-insightful read.

Spring Silkscreening Workshop pushed back to May 4th!!


Silkscreen Workshop - Spring Session (ages 15 and up): Mondays May 4th, May 11th and May 18th, 6:15-8:45pm

$100 for whole session. The fee covers supplies.

This 3-week course will go over the basics of silk screening multiple colour prints, from start to finish. Participants will go home with a completed project.
Leyla Majeri has been silk screening and teaching silk screening for what seems like forever. You likely have seen her work on the streets or in the galleries of Montreal.
To reserve a spot for the course, stop by the store during opening hours to drop off your registration deposit ($65). If you have any questions, email us at or call 514-279-2224.

Vanessa Davis Art Spectacular!

We just finished hanging this month's art exhibition and are pleased to have these originals in the store as we are fans of Vanessa's (check out past D+Q blog posts) I'm particularly into the description Vanessa gave for the show.

Vanessa Davis is the creator of Spaniel Rage, a collection of diary comics put out by Buenaventura Press in 2005. She lives in Santa Rosa, California, where she is working on her next book, Happy Chappie, which will release in Fall of 2010 from Drawn and Quarterly.

"My show for Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is a collection of small portraits of gals looking good and having fun."

Manifesto of a Comic-Book Rebel

The NY Times agrees with the Onion:

It's a book that manages to be, all at once, an insider's history of manga, a mordant cultural tour of post-Hiroshima Japan and a scrappy portrait of a struggling artist. It's a big, fat, greasy tub of salty popcorn for anyone interested (as Americans increasingly are) in the theory and practice of Japanese comics. It's among this genre's signal achievements.

Check out Dwight Garner's thorough and thoughtful review of A Drifting Life in today's New York Times.

Nicholas Gurewitch's Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack now in store!

Basically, it's an updated version of the awesome Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories. It's got everything the previous book had (which was more or less a compilation of the PBF strips you can find online), but in a larger more luxurious format and with delicious never-seen-before sketches and abandonned strips at the end. Fans of twisted and mindblowing humour should get their hands on this Eisner-winning series asap.

Oh, and while I'm here, let me show you the art that's now on display in the little drawing station we've put in the kids section of the store. This sweet Sof' Boy on the left is drawn by regular customer Julian Stuart. Unfortunately, I don't know who to credit for the lovely drawing on the right, but that's not reason enough for me not to show it to yall. Click on the thumbnails to see the bigger pictures.

O Paon Pics..

Genevieve Castree, or O Paon, played a densely-layered performance last night at 211.

She is one of those multi-talented people who has found a way to bring her passions together into one solid unit. Her drawings somehow 'look' like her music, and vice versa.

Or maybe it's that they come in the same package. That's what originally convinced me to buy this LP:

Genevieve now lives on Anacortes Island in Washington State. She is in town for a little while though. She'll be playing La Sala Rossa as part of a Bathyscaphe Journal launch on Monday, April 13, so you've got another chance to see her if you missed her last night. If you missed last night, don't miss that show!

Musical Soiree with O Paon (Genevieve Castree)

We are pleased to be hosting a short set by O Paon (April 9th) at 8pm sharp. Genevieve is a musical and visual multi-tasker: she is the author of these rather awesome comics; Lait Frappe, Die Fabrik,Roulatheque Roulatheque Nicolore and Pamplemoussi. You may also recognize her work from the cover and comic in Drawn & Quarterly Showcase 3 (2005). Genevieve has also produced albums under the name WOELV. This is a free event!

Spring time goodies

It is most definitely spring in this neck of the woods, birds are chirping, the flower lady has taken over the sidewalk. The salt rocks are dissolving. I have both back and front door blocked open to increase the airflow. And to add to the excitement a new order of Little Otsu and Buy Olympia stock has arrived. Check out the goodies; we've got planners, agendas, film diarys, cards made with soy oil and printed on recycled paper! My favorites are the cards with blank speech bubbles done by comic artist Lilli Carre! Finally someone has solved the non bi-lingual card problem! Quebec thanks you Lilli Carre!

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