Moonchild - The Films of Kenneth Anger

Now in store is this gorgeous paperback book about the films of my fave filmmaker. Inside it, you'll find a great mix of beautiful black and white full-page pictures and intelligent, thoroughly researched texts. Here's what the backcover has to say about the book's assets:

Moonchild presents revelatory texts on the occult, mind-altering, homo-erotic, synaesthetic and pop-culture tropes to be found within such classic underground films as Fireworks, Inaugeration of the Pleasure Dome, Scorpio Rising, Kustom Kar Kommandos, Invocation of My Demon Brother, and Lucifer Rising. Moonchild also contains a host of opulent film images, quotes from Kenneth Anger, and a detailed filmography, making it the definitive study of one of cinema's most charismatic yet elusive innovators.

Seriously, this is a meta-insightful read.

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