New Doug Wright Book!

That big shiny red book that came in the store a few days ago collects the work of one of Canada's first great cartoonists, but not many people may realize what an important role Montreal had in Doug Wright's career and development.

Although originally from England, Wright spent all of his formative years in Montreal and this is where he produced some of the best work of his career. There are many visual references to the city throughout the book, from drawings of what appears to be ramshackle farmhouses in Cote Des Neiges in the 40s... a drawing of Mansfield street (with his office in the Sun Life Building in the background).

Then there's his numerous great covers for The Montreal Star and in one of his Nipper strips there's the Rockland Centre circa 1962.

Even Nipper's house in the strip is based on the Wright family's own house in Lachine.

But beyond these many references, there's a lot more going on here: It was in this city that Wright got many of his first big breaks, like getting his rent free studio at Sun Life to work on his comics, or getting hired by The Montreal Standard and, later, The Montreal Star, to work on comics and many covers.

He honed his skills over this crucial period and along the way he went on to become the best at what he did.

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