Jonathan Goldstein Launch recap

Thanks to everyone who attended last night's launch here at the Librairie! If you were able to make it, I won't have to tell you how hilarious it was. If you missed out, here are some pics and such to hold you over until next time (Jonathan promised us that he would be back!) We have plenty of Ladies and Gentlemen left if you could not make it out and would like to pick up a copy.

The place filled up fast! D&Q Creative Director took his spot above the crowd and performed security duties (actually, he was just looking out for people who might need chairs ei: pregnant lady, elderly persons)
Younger Jonathan fans assembled closer to the front, as did our controller, Jamie Salomon who happens to be somewhat/somehow related to Jonathan...?

Jonathan Goldstein is the host of CBC Radio's Wiretap, author of Lenny Bruce is Dead and He is also well known for his work on the radio program This American Life. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!, His latest book, was published by Penguin Books.
The evening started with a little Wiretap trivia.....
..Included a guest skit-performance by local comic illustrator (and Librairie D+Q workshop teacher) Howard Chackowicz.....

..Then finished up with the screening of a couple Wiretap vidoes! Thanks to everyone for a great night!

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