Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonathan Goldstein!

 Thursday, May 14th at 7pm, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, in Cooperation with Penguin Books, Presents a launch for Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible! By Jonathan Goldstein,

We are proud to be hosting the launch of Jonathan's new book. The evening will include a reading and Q and A with Jonathan. Special guest appearance from Montreal Cartoonist and Wiretap star Howard Chackowicz!

Plus a slide show story about dating Lois Lane after she breaks up with Superman, illustrated with cartoons...!!

Seeking to revive readers' interest in the imperiled tome, Jonathan Goldstein shares the timeless stories of his favourite commandments, sins and smitings in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!, a 320 page primer set in large, evenly spaced typed with nary a lick of Latin to be found. This trim, modern volume spices up the Good Book's rather drab narrative with the straight goods on Noah's pathological anger issues, David's comedic aspirations and Esau's brotherly concern for Jonah's junk.
Just ask Mary.

That's what she said.

Jonathan Goldstein is the award-winning author of Lenny Bruce is Dead. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, GQ, the National Post and The New York Times. He is well known for his work on the radio programs This American Life and CBC's WireTap. He lives in Montreal.

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