Pics from last night's Conundrum Double Launch!!

A packed house showed up to last night's Conundrum double launch. They were there to celebrate Ian Sullivan Cant's book of zines, 'Papercut Heart' and Michael Hind's 'The Undertaking.'
Here's a very proud Andy Brown, the master of ceremonies, introducing his distinguished guests.
I swear there was something on that screen. Where did it go?! Ghost in the digi-cam.
Here's Ian Sullivan Cant talking about his collection of zines, 'Papercut Heart.' Much of it was written in morse code and could only be translated by dedicated sea-farers. For the rest of us, Ian read his story aloud and we followed along on the screen.

This is Michael Hind delivering a brilliantly detailed speech on the last 20 years of his art-making life. We saw a gaggle of slides from the over 2400 pages of his ongoing comic zine, 'New Pompeii,' as well as the newly-released, 'The Undertaking.'

A thouroughly satisfied audience.. Look at those expressions!

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