Triple Poetry Book Launch with Carmine Starnino, Molly Peacock and Mathew Tierney

No, this ain't a picture of a secret D+Q slumber party, it's a shot of our last
Triple Poetry Book Launch for Carmine Starnino, Molly Peacock and Mathew Tierney. It all started like a regular launch (awesome), and with extra-delicious catering, I will add.

Then, in the middle of Matthew Tierney's reading of The Hayflick Limit (Coach House Press), the power went out on our block. No one panicked and Julia saved the night with her extraordinary candle-lighting powers.

Here's Molly Peacock, reading from The Second Blush (McClelland & Stewart) in a gorgeous setting. Lovely!

Carmine Starnino closed the night with an entretaining reading from
This Way Out (Gaspereau). Thanks to all who came, hope you appreciated the atmospheric twist as much as we did!

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