211 Rue Bernard cameo in 184 Rue Beaubien

It can't be just us: the store is featured on the cover of Cyril Doisneau's freshly published comic-travelogue, 184 Rue Beaubien. There may be a few differences between the two, but there are more similarities than anything else between our bookstore (photo by Daviel Lazure-Vieira) and the one gracing the cover of La Pasteque's new baby. Can you imagine our gleeful squeals when the books got here? I bet you can.

The book is the pleasant and sincere diary of the author's day to day life as a french immigrant in Montreal. I may be pushing my luck, but I wonder if this is the 211 store too... Either way, thanks to Cyril and La Pasteque for the nod, and for this endearing portrait of our city as well.

For the love of Mcsweeney's

As the list of exciting new Mcsweeney's titles grows, we thought it was time we made a proper section to show off our feelings of admiration and love.

From now on, all Mcsweeney's books will be found here under the home-made sign.

Check out this catalog of coming goodies! Two (2) new Eggers books coming out soon.

Michael Kupperman's thrizzling tales now in store!

The first four issues of Michael Kupperman's hit comic strips series, Tales Designed to Thrizzle, are finally collected into one deluxe hardcover! Even better, Kupperman has turned the original two-color pages into full color goodness!

Litterally jam-packed with strips that constantly vary in sizes, this book shines with Kupperman's earth-shattering wit, his excellent vintage-comics-inspired draftsmanship and his genius comedic timing. Thanks Fantagraphics!

New Arrival

You'll Never Know by C.Tyler arrived this week. It is book one of a planned three part series about Carol Tyler's Father's time in WWII and the effect it has had on himself and everyone surrounding him. This book has been receiving a fair amount of attention lately, so I won't say too much: it is funny, moving, sad -- Highly recommended.

Graham Roumieu In The House!... Ummm...Store!

We've been wanting to have Graham Roumieu do something at the the store for quite some time; First we racked our brains: "How can we convince him to come?" We contacted publishers, called friends.. had a brainstorming session.. Finally someone found his email on his website et voila= We present to you:

Launch for Graham Roumieu's Cat & Gnome

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
Wed, July 8th 7pm @ 211 Bernard Ouest

Graham Roumieu, creator of the autobiography of Bigfoot books, launches his latest book Cat & Gnome, a tale so powerful it would make Shakespeare swallow is pen and crap out butterflies (citation needed). Enjoy an evening of presentations, stunts, Q&A's, general milling-about and chit-chat about new and old works by Graham hanging in the store.

Graham Roumieu is the creator of Cat & Gnome, 101 Ways to Kill Your Boss, Bigfoot: I Not Dead, Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir, and In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot. He has contributed illustration work to The New York Times, Men's Journal, Harper's, The Atlantic, The Walrus, The Guardian and many other publications and campaigns. Graham currently works out of his home in Toronto and at the Ontario College of Art And Design as a sessional instructor for the Faculty of Design.

Graham's work will be up from June 26th - July 31st

Animals at the Greasy Goose Salon - June 25th

It's with great pleasure that the 211 store is hosting the next Greasy Goose Salon this coming Thursday (June 25 at 7:30pm), this time on the theme ANIMAL.

This month, the community-minded lecture series features presentations by:

Oana Avasilichioaei - The Tyrant and the Wolfbat
Oana will read from a debauched poetic folktale about a tyrant, a child and a wolfbat.

Torsten Bernhardt - Spineless Wonders
In the bizarre world of animals without backbones, everything goes.

Zoe Cousineau - Things My Dogs Taught Me
A discussion of basic care of dogs, including common health issues and feeding options, with a holistic/DIY bent.

Shirley Roburn -Whalesong and the listening ocean
A look at the fingerprints, footprints, and acoustic signatures of whalesongs and human sounds in the ocean through the ages, and at the overlaps between whale and human patterns of song.

Mcsweeney's 31 just came in!

It's a good-looking one. They're back to hardcover! and the glitter comes off in your hands!

McSweeney's Love!

Time to 'fess up: we at the D+Q bookstore have always had a bit of a publishing crush on McSweeney's. Their gorgeous books never fail to impress (more on that shortly). So what could be more fun on a lazy Sunday than to collect all our McSweeney's stock and let it shine on its own shelf?
Our giant Sof'boy figurine guarding the shelf.

Those of you who were paying attention may have noticed that yes! The new issue of The Believer is in stock, in all its maroon glory. Come soon if you want to get your hands on issue 63, Eye Crayon.

Finally, the angle of the photo isn't amazing for this, but in the bottom left-hand corner, you also get a snippet of the most recent fiction offering from McSweeney's, The Convalescent.

Jessica Anthony's debut novel is the story of Rovar Ákos Pfliegman, "a small, bearded man selling meat out of a bus parked next to a stream in suburban Virginia -- and also, somehow, the story of ten thousand years of Hungarian history."

I haven't had the chance to do much more than thumb through the book and read the first chapter, but already I'm hooked. With a narrator who is eccentric, observant, and clearly an outsider, I'm reminded of classics like A Confederacy of Dunces and Breakfast of Champions. Plus, with phonetic spellings, onomatopoeia, and lessons in Hungarian history, this book is informative as well as a good read.

Ganzfeld 5 back in store! Japanada!

This special issue of the famous Ganzfeld series of anthologies is devoted mostly to Canadian and Japanese artists. The book graces us with an exclusive 20-page section by legendary animator and designer Keiichi Tanaami. The book also features gorgeous and rare work by cartoonists King Terry, Shigeru Sugiura, Yuichi Yokoyama, and Tanioka. Also featured in the Japan section is Misaki Kawaii (pictured below) and EYE (from the Boredoms). From Canada, the book presents the work of Amy Lockhart (currently exhibiting at La Centrale! her section is awesome!), Julie Doucet, Scott Evans, Marc Connery and Destroyer's Dan Bejar. From beyond Japanada, Jim Shaw, British illustrator Will Sweeney and designer Barney Bubbles do their thing.

Wayne White Madness!

Ammo books, publishers of the coveted Charlie Harper book, just put out a new masterpiece to drool over. I have to admit, I'd never heard of Wayne White before seeing this book, but I've become a big fan. White worked on the set of Pee Wee's Playhouse back in the '80s, before turning to landscape painting full time. He then started taking found landscape paintings (of the thrift store variety) and painting his own bold messages into the scenery, Hollywood-sign style.

White followed this technique to richly imaginative ends. This book is really a treasure to behold, and unlike other coffee-table books, it won't break your budget.

Book of Cities

Despite the fact that our kids section is literally over flowing, we keep finding undeniably cool children's titles that we cannot resist stocking. Universe (Publishers of the popular M. Sasek re-prints) have brought another beautiful book back into circulation: Italian architect turned graphic designer Piero Ventura's BOOK OF CITIES. I love birds eye view illustrations and sprawling hustle-'n-bustle. A reasonably priced hard cover at $21.95 to boot!

Summer Workshops

We have two amazing workshop series coming up! Looking to expand your creative horizons? Look no further!

Creative Collaborative Workshop with Billy Mavreas - Summer Session
For adults of all ages
Sundays June 14, 21, 28 and July 5
6:30 to 8:30 pm
$60 for whole session. The fee covers all supplies.

During this 4-week course, work with Billy Mavreas in a collaborative round table process of art creation. Mavreas will guide a small group of adults through a journey that will investigate the accidental, and explore and challenge concepts that art is only for artists. Each session will involve a few hours drawing, looking and re-looking using the most basic of materials. With Mavreas as a creative, engaging and accessible guide and facilitator, find yourself opening up to the possibilities of your own inner creative talents. Non-artists and those who have given up on making stuff (but always secretly loved doing so) especially encouraged to sign up.

Billy Mavreas is a Canadian cartoonist and artist living in Montreal, Quebec, whose mostly silent or wordless comics revolve around the themes of language, sexuality and spirituality. He is the co-founder of Expozine, one of Canada's largest and most well respected Zine Fairs, as well as the curator and resident-at-large of Monastiraki, a shop and gallery of wonders in Mile End. Mavreas' passionate and enchanting childlike sense of wonder and play has positioned him as a community conduit within many arenas for years now. His creative enthusiasm and relaxed, open nature make him the perfect person to help unlock the artistic potential in others.

To reserve a spot for the course, stop by the store during opening hours to drop off your registration deposit ($40). If you have any questions, email us at workshops@drawnandquarterly.com or call 514-279-2224.

Silkscreen Workshop with Leyla Majeri - Summer Session
ages 15 and up
Mondays June 15th, 22nd and 29th
$100 for whole session. The fee covers supplies.

This 3-week course will go over the basics of silk screening multiple colour prints, from start to finish. Participants will go home with a completed project.

Leyla Majeri has been silk screening and teaching silk screening for what seems like forever. You likely have seen her work on the streets or in the galleries of Montreal.

To reserve a spot for the course, stop by the store during opening hours to drop off your registration deposit ($65). If you have any questions, email us at workshops@drawnandquarterly.com or call 514-279-0691.

Yuichi Yokoyama

In case you didn't know, right here at the 211 store we've got two books by one of the most promising contemporary Japanese artists. His name is Yuichi Yokoyama, and Picturebox (easily one of my top five favorite publishing houses on earth) has translated and published his books New Enginering (a compilation of various works, with added commentary and interiew) and Travel. He is a master of the experimental, post-post-gekiga genre, and he writes the manga of the future.

Within a week or two, we'll be receiving the French version of his upcoming third book that has yet to be published by Picturebox. It will be called Jardin, and just like the rest of Yokoyama's work, it will be pure, out of this world and as inspiring as ever.

The Beguiling publishes its first book!

Our friends over at the Beguiling have just published 'Key Moments from the History of Comics' in conjunction with TCAF '09.
French cartoonist Francois Ayroles caricatures all the greats from Winsor McCay to Matt Groening in this hilarious gag-style collection. He takes full interpretive (and poetic) liberty in choosing the moments that changed everything for comics, including many moments you may not have previously read about.

Seminal moments, such as:
And my favorite, below.. (Chris Ware just looks so adorable, and it's Valentine's day)
for Comics fans, this one should not be missed. And it's a steal at 10 bucks!

Book Expo America 2009!!

Last weekend I made the trek from our humble little town - to the bustling New York City! Ultimate destination: Book Expo America!! Ultimate goal: Find new treasures for the store...

For those of you who are not familiar with BEA, let me give you the lowdown; We are talking football fields of publishers, authors, huge distributors, tiny distributors, all showing what they have to offer for the upcoming season.

There are tons of books on display, previews of upcoming titles, wonderful art books, self help guides.. Everything you can imagine in the world of books (and a few things I would rather not imagine) can be found at BEA..

Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero were signing copies of the new (and amazing, AND in stock here at 211) book: Vegan Brunch - Isa, if you read this: Come to Montreal! We would love to host you!

Jerry from Rizzoli shows me the Marvel Universe Wall Chart. That smile says it all, does it not?

I had the pleasure of meeting the incredibly friendly Fantagraphics crew. Jason T. Miles showed my their upcoming titles - we have lots to look forward to..

I was elated to check out the wonders that San Fransisco's Last Gasp distributes and sells at their store front (if you look hard left, you can just make out Ron Turner's beard)....

All and all I was impressed (and a bit overwhelmed) by the Expo. I was disappointed to have missed out on the galley and signing for Jonathan Lethem's new book Chronic City, (I attended Saturday and Sunday= Jonathan was signing on Friday) and I was expecting Mcsweeney's to have a booth. My heart broke when I could not find them in the guide...

But I did not let these factors bring me down!= I forged on! While in the big city I used my chance to hit up a few of the local indies.... First stop was The Word in Greenpoint..

Thank goodness I did so: Manager extraordinaire Stephanie Anderson had Donuts waiting for participants of BEA!! I was thrilled beyond belief, not only were they donuts.. they were delicious, indescribable donuts! I also hit up Spoonbill's, Strand, Forbidden Planet, Giant Robot (No donuts) and my new personal favorite: Desert Island which is incredibly designed, stupendously curated and radiates good vibes. Owner and manager Gabe Fowler showed me this gem of a 3d print by Jon Vermilyea... but I guess you'll have to take my word for it's 3d effectiveness...

Stop by the store in the next couple weeks (and probably for the next few months) to see our finds from Book Expo '09 trickling in!

Happy Birthday To Us! D+Q 20th Anniversary Concert!

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Hard to believe or easy to believe? Yes, D+Q is 20 years old this year. To celebrate, D+Q is teaming up with other two other indy Montreal organizations, Blue Skies Turn Black and Suoni Per Il Popolo, to present a not-to-be-missed concert here in Montreal, TV on the Radio and the Dirty Projectors! Tonight at Metropolis. How does this get any better? Well, Adrian Tomine kindly provided the beautiful poster, which will be on sale tonight at the show as well as on our website and in our store.

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