211 Rue Bernard cameo in 184 Rue Beaubien

It can't be just us: the store is featured on the cover of Cyril Doisneau's freshly published comic-travelogue, 184 Rue Beaubien. There may be a few differences between the two, but there are more similarities than anything else between our bookstore (photo by Daviel Lazure-Vieira) and the one gracing the cover of La Pasteque's new baby. Can you imagine our gleeful squeals when the books got here? I bet you can.

The book is the pleasant and sincere diary of the author's day to day life as a french immigrant in Montreal. I may be pushing my luck, but I wonder if this is the 211 store too... Either way, thanks to Cyril and La Pasteque for the nod, and for this endearing portrait of our city as well.

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