Animals at the Greasy Goose Salon - June 25th

It's with great pleasure that the 211 store is hosting the next Greasy Goose Salon this coming Thursday (June 25 at 7:30pm), this time on the theme ANIMAL.

This month, the community-minded lecture series features presentations by:

Oana Avasilichioaei - The Tyrant and the Wolfbat
Oana will read from a debauched poetic folktale about a tyrant, a child and a wolfbat.

Torsten Bernhardt - Spineless Wonders
In the bizarre world of animals without backbones, everything goes.

Zoe Cousineau - Things My Dogs Taught Me
A discussion of basic care of dogs, including common health issues and feeding options, with a holistic/DIY bent.

Shirley Roburn -Whalesong and the listening ocean
A look at the fingerprints, footprints, and acoustic signatures of whalesongs and human sounds in the ocean through the ages, and at the overlaps between whale and human patterns of song.

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