Thursday, 4 June 2009

Book Expo America 2009!!

Last weekend I made the trek from our humble little town - to the bustling New York City! Ultimate destination: Book Expo America!! Ultimate goal: Find new treasures for the store...

For those of you who are not familiar with BEA, let me give you the lowdown; We are talking football fields of publishers, authors, huge distributors, tiny distributors, all showing what they have to offer for the upcoming season.

There are tons of books on display, previews of upcoming titles, wonderful art books, self help guides.. Everything you can imagine in the world of books (and a few things I would rather not imagine) can be found at BEA..

Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero were signing copies of the new (and amazing, AND in stock here at 211) book: Vegan Brunch - Isa, if you read this: Come to Montreal! We would love to host you!

Jerry from Rizzoli shows me the Marvel Universe Wall Chart. That smile says it all, does it not?

I had the pleasure of meeting the incredibly friendly Fantagraphics crew. Jason T. Miles showed my their upcoming titles - we have lots to look forward to..

I was elated to check out the wonders that San Fransisco's Last Gasp distributes and sells at their store front (if you look hard left, you can just make out Ron Turner's beard)....

All and all I was impressed (and a bit overwhelmed) by the Expo. I was disappointed to have missed out on the galley and signing for Jonathan Lethem's new book Chronic City, (I attended Saturday and Sunday= Jonathan was signing on Friday) and I was expecting Mcsweeney's to have a booth. My heart broke when I could not find them in the guide...

But I did not let these factors bring me down!= I forged on! While in the big city I used my chance to hit up a few of the local indies.... First stop was The Word in Greenpoint..

Thank goodness I did so: Manager extraordinaire Stephanie Anderson had Donuts waiting for participants of BEA!! I was thrilled beyond belief, not only were they donuts.. they were delicious, indescribable donuts! I also hit up Spoonbill's, Strand, Forbidden Planet, Giant Robot (No donuts) and my new personal favorite: Desert Island which is incredibly designed, stupendously curated and radiates good vibes. Owner and manager Gabe Fowler showed me this gem of a 3d print by Jon Vermilyea... but I guess you'll have to take my word for it's 3d effectiveness...

Stop by the store in the next couple weeks (and probably for the next few months) to see our finds from Book Expo '09 trickling in!

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