Ganzfeld 5 back in store! Japanada!

This special issue of the famous Ganzfeld series of anthologies is devoted mostly to Canadian and Japanese artists. The book graces us with an exclusive 20-page section by legendary animator and designer Keiichi Tanaami. The book also features gorgeous and rare work by cartoonists King Terry, Shigeru Sugiura, Yuichi Yokoyama, and Tanioka. Also featured in the Japan section is Misaki Kawaii (pictured below) and EYE (from the Boredoms). From Canada, the book presents the work of Amy Lockhart (currently exhibiting at La Centrale! her section is awesome!), Julie Doucet, Scott Evans, Marc Connery and Destroyer's Dan Bejar. From beyond Japanada, Jim Shaw, British illustrator Will Sweeney and designer Barney Bubbles do their thing.

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