McSweeney's Love!

Time to 'fess up: we at the D+Q bookstore have always had a bit of a publishing crush on McSweeney's. Their gorgeous books never fail to impress (more on that shortly). So what could be more fun on a lazy Sunday than to collect all our McSweeney's stock and let it shine on its own shelf?
Our giant Sof'boy figurine guarding the shelf.

Those of you who were paying attention may have noticed that yes! The new issue of The Believer is in stock, in all its maroon glory. Come soon if you want to get your hands on issue 63, Eye Crayon.

Finally, the angle of the photo isn't amazing for this, but in the bottom left-hand corner, you also get a snippet of the most recent fiction offering from McSweeney's, The Convalescent.

Jessica Anthony's debut novel is the story of Rovar Ákos Pfliegman, "a small, bearded man selling meat out of a bus parked next to a stream in suburban Virginia -- and also, somehow, the story of ten thousand years of Hungarian history."

I haven't had the chance to do much more than thumb through the book and read the first chapter, but already I'm hooked. With a narrator who is eccentric, observant, and clearly an outsider, I'm reminded of classics like A Confederacy of Dunces and Breakfast of Champions. Plus, with phonetic spellings, onomatopoeia, and lessons in Hungarian history, this book is informative as well as a good read.

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