Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice in store now!

""What I lack in al-titude," Doc explained, for the million or so -th time in his career, "I make up for in at-titude.""

Larry "Doc" Sportello is the protagonist of Thomas Pynchon's latest work, Inherent Vice. The New Yorker review describes the mystery novel as "a slightly spoofy take on hardboiled crime fiction, [...] "The Maltese Falcon" starring Cheech and Chong, "The Big Sleep" as told by the hippy-dippy weatherman."

Set in 1970 Los Angeles (a Los Angeles still deeply entrenched in hippie culture), Pynchon offers up a cast of increasingly bizarre and entertaining bit characters, from Bigfoot Bjornsen, the police officer who hates hippies but dresses up as one on TV, to Sauncho Smilax, who asks a question for the ages: ""Why is there Chicken of the Sea but no Tuna of the Farm?""

It's an engrossing book that pulls you in immediately, with both the rich language typical of Pynchon novels, and a mixture of light and dark comedy flecked throughout the story. It's a good summer read, it's been summer these past few days (! finally!), and the book is available in store now, so come on by!

Calvin Johnson pics!!

Many thanks to everyone who came to watch Calvin Johnson on Tuesday night- Thanks To Calvin himself for playing on short notice!! I now believe that Rock and Roll truly is being asked one day in advance to play at a bookstore (for free, no less)- and saying YES!

We were dazzled by songs and stories, amazing dancing, A Cappella - Also, while eavesdropping on Calvin and a D&Q employee's conversation I learned that he has an impressive knowledge of comics as well! Here are some pics, I apologize for the fuzzy ones but Mr. Johnson does not stay still on stage.

Pssssst-- Calvin Johnson In-Store Tonight!!

We are very excited to announce:

Calvin Johnson will be doing an evening in-store performance at Drawn & Quarterly tonight (Tuesday)! That's right, the founder of K Records and founding member of Dub Narcotic Sound System, the Halo Benders and many, many others.. in the store. One night only.

6pm sharp.
211 Bernard O.

Be there!

Introducing the 211 Store Portal!!

Here's a new way to interact with the store online to get you what you need. See that icon on the top left? See how it says Portal? If you click on it, you'll be in our online store!

From there you create an account, and then order books into the store, place holds on books, and browse through our stock online.

You'll also find a GoogleEarth map to show you where we're at, and a link to our Twitter page.

There are more detailed instructions on the site itself, so log in and take a look around!

Rock Camp For Girls Montreal!!

Rock Camp For Girls Montreal needs more Rockers!

Are you a girl in Montreal between the age of 10 and 17?

Looking for something to do in August? Perhaps you should consider:


For 5 days, girls ages 10-17, get together with female musicians to learn instruments, form a band, write their own song, have band practice and perform live!

See their website for more details!

Dusty Peas Launch on August 5

On Wednesday the 5th, Dusty Peas will be presenting their new silk-screened zine and assemble-it-yourself paper sculpture. An assembly station will be available at the launch for people who would be interested in building the paper sculpture on-site. This will be a table with scissors and glue.. maybe an exacto knife.

Dusty Peas is a London Ontario-based collaborative team composed of James Kirkpatrick and Jamie Q. Their drawings, sculptures, self-published zines, and stop-motion animations combine absurdity and abstraction through intuitive freestyle processes. At once both calculated and haphazard, the work of Dusty Peas speaks to the generative possibilities of constructive fun and good old-fashioned imagination.

Jamie Q studied sculpture in Alberta and in Australia, receiving her BFA in 2002. From 2004 to 2008 she was a member of the Long Haul artists' collective in Montreal. She is currently working towards a master's degree at the University of Western Ontario, where her research interests involve DIY distribution strategies, creative labour, and the production of value in the cultural field.

As for James Kirkpatrick, he received his BFA from NSCAD University in 2002. His work has been shown internationally, and is featured this summer in the traveling group exhibition Pulp Fiction, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Just like Jamie, James works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, found object assemblages, and installation. He is also well known as the graffiti artist and rapper Thesis Sahib. He has created artwork for several album covers, and his collaborative art book with Peter Thompson, Brain Trust, is published by Anteism.

Les Palletes a Paul Chocolates!

Finally as promised: Comics have entered into the world of fine chocolates! Come get your Michel Rabagliati designed 70% cocoa bar! Perhaps milk chocolate is more your speed? (apologies to white chocolate lovers-they are still on the way) Now if only we could get our hands on these:


Fresh off of the Canadian printing presses and onto the shelves here at 211 is Zeitoun. I've considered halting all other reading to get through this one ASAP. Zeitoun is the story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian-American in the epoch of Hurricane Katrina. Eggers is the Author of many great books, among them: You Shall Know Our Velocity, A Heartbreaking Work Of A Staggering Genius and What Is The What. In addition to writing books; Eggers is the founder of Mcsweeney's publishing.

Click the link above for a nice long interview with Eggers speaking about Zeitoun and What Is The What (via The Rumpus)

Spacing Montreal and Mile End Bookstores

There's a nice mention of the bookstore in this post at Spacing Montreal. The post is incidentally by Mary Soderstrom, whose book, The Walkable City, is available in store.

She says we carry an "eclectic mix of mostly English books," and also refers to us as publishing "high class comics."

Thanks, Mary!

Stefan Gruber DVD madness

Remember Stefan Gruber?

He just dropped 6 DVDs of his at the store! They contain 7 marvelous short films and all sport a different hand-drawn design.

You can click here to see some of these films online (and in non-DVD quality), and you can look down here for a great video-biography of Gruber:

Double Adrian Tomine review in this week's Hour!

This week's Montreal Hour has a great, informative review of both 32 Stories and Shortcomings. Check it out here. And you know how major video stores used to have that guarantee that the new release you wanted would be in store or else it would be free? It's safe to say we have that same guarantee for Shortcomings in Hardcover. Come on by!

Fantasy Pleasure Complex

Have you seen the animations of Stefan Gruber? Have you seen Stefan in person even? I do suggest you go to Monastiraki (5478 St-Laurent) tonight at 8pm to check out his traveling animation show.

Cat & Gnome Launch! Signed Books in Store!

Last night's launch for Cat & Gnome was a blast! Though he kept it short and sweet, Graham Roumieu told us some great stories about the origins of the book.

Like his friend Bigfoot, Graham is apparently difficult to catch on film. Here you may be able to make him out on the left, as he reveals the initial inspiration for Cat & Gnome, one Tom Thumb.

Some of the hilarious slides detailing the exploits of the eponymous Cat, before his involvement with Roumieu:
Cat in rehab
Cat refusing to be rehabilitated

After the slideshow, not only did Graham sign and draw on people's prints and books, he also graciously agreed to sign our other copies of his books, for people who couldn't make it to the event.

The elusive Roumieu in action!

An unmistakably Roumieu signature

These are going fast! Stop by the store soon if you want to get a signed copy of either Cat & Gnome or 101 Ways to Kill Your Boss, and don't forget that the art is up on the walls until the end of July.


He seems a bit young to be considered a godfather of anything but I'm willing to say that Mat is the godfather of the current trend toward alternative fantasy in comics. The fact that I'm biased doesn't make me any less right about this. Over on the Comics Comics blog, Frank Santoro guarantees his royalty checks (what, I kid) by stumping for the genius that is Brinkman and he is right on about the vibrancy and cartooning awesomeness of this work. Is it available anywhere else in Montreal? C'mon, you know the answer to that question.


Don't forget to come to the Launch for Cat & Gnome!

Our greatest living writer???? (American edition)

Oh, who knows? He certainly makes my short list. Denis Johnson is back way too fast after that mammoth Tree of Smoke with a new book, Nobody Move playing the taut thriller game. It's more Jim Thompson that Clive Cussler, everyone acts badly and it's all character studies rather than clever plot twists. Does every character make the worst decision possible for themselves? Pretty much. As usual, Johnson is brutal and funny and it's a blast following him down.


Don't forget to come to the Launch for Cat & Gnome!

David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp, now in store! (On sale on Tuesday.)

Asterios Polyp is David Mazzucchelli's very first graphic novel of his own, and we're so excited for its arrival into the bookstore's loving arms. The story of a middle-aged architecture professor, Mazzucchelli tells it a little differently: he explores Polyp's psyche from the perspective of his stillborn twin, Ignazio, with that takes full advantage of the unique narrative, rhytmic and aesthetic qualities of comic.

In the ultimate mid-life crisis, when he is newly divorced and his apartment burns down, Polyp takes the money in his wallet, and leaves behind him New York, his career, and, tentatively, his past. Psychologically damaged from various traumas and life-choices, he flees to the American heartland, in an attempt to either find or bury any notion of self he could have ever had.

Textual and philosophical plot aside, the brilliance of Mazzucchelli's technique is breathtaking. The book is a glorious, masterful and exemplary experiment with layout, timing, two-color printing and various drawing styles. For example, in a matter of three chapters, he goes from expressionistic, dynamic manga-like panels, to the total opposite (panel-free compositions where narration relies on an abstract but ordered organic readind), and ends with pages of characters drawn in drastically different styles in every single panel.

Asterios Polyp is a remarkable graphic novel in the sense that it showcases, and in a justifiable way, insanely diverse and impactful storytelling techniques only possible in comics. Thanks to Mazzucchelli's always dynamic, ingenious and surprising treatment of psychology and story, every page is a delight.

Did I mention the ending actually gave me goosebumps? I hear that's how you recognize pure comic artist genius.

Printmaking Workshop with Kathryn Delaney

Monday evenings, 6:30pm-8:30pm:
July 13, 20, 27 August 3, 10, 17
$120 for whole session (6 weeks). The fee covers supplies.
Workshop participants obtain a 20% discount at the store for the duration of the workshop.

This summer 6-week printmaking course with Kathryn Delaney is designed to explore three techniques, linocut, woodcut and stencil. In an atmosphere of fun and work students and teacher will collaborate to find the right techniques and approach for each individual artist. Delaney will share and demonstrate her skill and knowledge for the creative process of print making. Students will execute their drawings, carving/cutting and hand printing with non-toxic water based inks and material provided by Drawn & Quarterly.

Kathryn Delaney is a Canadian artist living in Montreal Quebec, presently completing her MFA in Print Media at Concordia University. Delaney's art work is an extension of her social involvement; she has a history of working with the First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities on the streets, particularly sex-workers. Delaney's public interventions and collaborative portrait projects integrate print making and community building.

Atelier d'estampe avec Kathryn Delaney - Session d'ete

Lundis soirs: 13, 20 et 27 Juillet, puis 3, 10 et 17 Aout
18h30 a 20h30
120$ pour toute la session (6 semaines), ce cout couvre l'achat du materiel necessaire.
Les participants ont droit a un rabais de 20% valable pour la duree de l'atelier.

Ce cours en 6 semaines avec Kathryn Delaney vous invite a explorer trois techniques:
linogravure, gravure sur bois et stencil. Encourageant une atmosphere de travail et de loisir, Delaney partagera ses competences et son savoir en matiere d'estampe. Les participants travailleront avec des encres-non-toxiques et du matériel fournis par Drawn & Quarterly.

Kathryn Delaney est une artiste canadienne etablie a Montreal, Quebec, sur le point d'obtenir un MFA en Print Media a l'Universite Concordia. L'oeuvre de Delaney est une extension de son travail communautaire avec differents groupes de la rue d'origine Inuites, Metis et des Premieres Nations, tout particulierement avec des travailleurs du sexe. Les interventions publiques de Delaney et ses projets de portraits collaboratifs integrent estampe et creation de liens communautaires.

Graham Roumieu in the Mirror!

Today's Montreal Mirror has this sweet interview with Graham Roumieu who's work now colours our walls here at the store. Be sure to come by and take a look!
Also, to drive it home: Graham will be here Wednesday, July 8 for the Cat and Gnome launch.

Graham Roumieu

Quick reminder that next Wednesday Graham Roumieu will be launching his new book: Cat & Gnome here at Librairie D&Q! And for the Month we have an amazing collection of Graham's original work hanging in the store. Definitely worth stopping by the store to see them!

Here is a look at a few of the pieces that are included in the show:

So stop by for the launch, or come check out the show; all art work is for sale!

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