Cat & Gnome Launch! Signed Books in Store!

Last night's launch for Cat & Gnome was a blast! Though he kept it short and sweet, Graham Roumieu told us some great stories about the origins of the book.

Like his friend Bigfoot, Graham is apparently difficult to catch on film. Here you may be able to make him out on the left, as he reveals the initial inspiration for Cat & Gnome, one Tom Thumb.

Some of the hilarious slides detailing the exploits of the eponymous Cat, before his involvement with Roumieu:
Cat in rehab
Cat refusing to be rehabilitated

After the slideshow, not only did Graham sign and draw on people's prints and books, he also graciously agreed to sign our other copies of his books, for people who couldn't make it to the event.

The elusive Roumieu in action!

An unmistakably Roumieu signature

These are going fast! Stop by the store soon if you want to get a signed copy of either Cat & Gnome or 101 Ways to Kill Your Boss, and don't forget that the art is up on the walls until the end of July.

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