Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice in store now!

""What I lack in al-titude," Doc explained, for the million or so -th time in his career, "I make up for in at-titude.""

Larry "Doc" Sportello is the protagonist of Thomas Pynchon's latest work, Inherent Vice. The New Yorker review describes the mystery novel as "a slightly spoofy take on hardboiled crime fiction, [...] "The Maltese Falcon" starring Cheech and Chong, "The Big Sleep" as told by the hippy-dippy weatherman."

Set in 1970 Los Angeles (a Los Angeles still deeply entrenched in hippie culture), Pynchon offers up a cast of increasingly bizarre and entertaining bit characters, from Bigfoot Bjornsen, the police officer who hates hippies but dresses up as one on TV, to Sauncho Smilax, who asks a question for the ages: ""Why is there Chicken of the Sea but no Tuna of the Farm?""

It's an engrossing book that pulls you in immediately, with both the rich language typical of Pynchon novels, and a mixture of light and dark comedy flecked throughout the story. It's a good summer read, it's been summer these past few days (! finally!), and the book is available in store now, so come on by!

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