All Things Eggers

As you know, us here at D&Q are huge McSweeney's fans and an essential part of their collection are the works of Dave Eggers (not to mention the fact the he is the founder!) Mr. Eggers must be a busy man right now, take a look at what he has on the go:

Set for release this fall is an interpretation of Sendak's classic Where The Wild Things Are It's already making waves, I think we are talking Oscars here people. Eggers and Spike Jones penned this together.

Zeitoun is Eggers' newest non-fiction piece that has been receiving some great attention
You would think it stops here and then WHAM=

A book Loosely based on the screenplay, The Wild Things will be available in October '09 -- You can read excerpts Here AND as if that is not enough, the design savvy team at McSweeney's has put this together:

This is a limited edition fur covered version, sure to sell out. So get your pre-orders in with us right away if you would like to see this on your bookshelf in October!!

If you are looking to catch up on older Eggers titles: stop by the store for: What Is The What, A Heartbreaking Work Of A Staggering Genius, How Are We Hungry and You Shall Know Our Velocity. Not to mention the countless McSweeney's collections Mr. Eggers has edited nor the Best Of series...

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