The Gigantic Robot in store!

Just to dash any hopes right off the bat, this is not a post about a really big robot dropping by 211 Bernard. I promise it'll be almost as good, though. The Gigantic Robot is Tom Gauld's latest work, published by Buenaventura Press. It's a stripped-down fable about the melancholy nature of robot existence.

32 pages long, it's the same length as a standard children's book, and the bleakness of the content contrasts starkly with its implied form and audience. The beauty of the book comes from the sparseness of the language and the powerful drawings (this is a case of text serving as accompaniment to imagery).

A silver cover board book, Daniel Clowes calls it "a perfect little book." If it's got the Daniel Clowes stamp of approval, you know it's good.

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