In case you're wondering why it smells funky in the store today

So, Matt Shane is leaving the D+Q family. He's been an employee at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly since it opened two years ago. I think it's safe to say, he has become a beloved part of the neighborhood. Tears will be shed. To say goodbye, we held a little wine and cheese party (we also bid farewell to office intern Casey as well. She lucked out in that she didn't get the usual awkward pizza party.)

I could write a whole blog devoted to our colorful controller Jamie Salomon. A gourmand, underground comics aficionado, scholar, storyteller. Bur perhaps his greatest love and interest is CHEESE!!

More cheese.

And more cheese. Three courses of cheese. Three courses of wine--white, red, and port.

Jamie reads the cheese facts to the assembled office, store, and friends. I swear to god I would watch a webcast of Jamie talking about and eating cheese. Please note: he is wearing a Nancy tie in celebration of the excellent Fantagraphics Nancy News.

Claire and Julia (left) complain about their bosses and store manager Rory (right) contemplates the idea of not eating a real dinner before sitting down and eating a pound of cheese and drinking six glasses of wine.

Rory, Matt, and Brendan talk about paradiddles and flamdiddles and double kick pedals.

New intern Laura Terry from The Center for Cartoon Studies and lame-duck intern Casey. Drink up, Casey!

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