Jerry Moriarty's Jack Survives - Now in store!

Jerry Moriarty's Jack Survives was originally published in the eighties in Art Spiegelman's groundbreaking magazine RAW. The complete series is now compiled in a just-released, must-have, big hardcover book, thanks to Buenaventura Press.

Most stories/anecdotes hold on a single page and benefit substantially from Jack's retort and general discontentment with the everyday life. The dialogues are minimal and low-spirited, i.e. very funny.

Jack Survives shines with raw (get it?) sarcastic playfulness, dry and gritty humour, earnest lines and a remarkable sense of timing. It is also note-worthy that the pages are scanned as to put forward the traces of erased drawing that didn't make it in the printed pages of RAW.

PS: This book features awesome full-page ball-point studies and gorgeous color versions of some of the comics. It also begins with introductions by Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware, so laudatory that it left me a bit teary-eyed.

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