Remember this Wednesday's launch...

... for the new Dusty Peas zine and do-it-yourself-paper-sculpture?

Well, we have this picture right here that shows what the sculpture is meant to look like! And that's not all, the artists also sent us the following behind-the-scenes shots of when they were hard at work on the project:


We're told they have run into so much crazy stuff with this project... humidity stopping prints from drying quick, running out of space and putting up clotheslines everywhere, light table bulbs burning out, etc... Anyhow, the 100 copies of this 13-colour book and the 4-colour posters are all done and waiting for you!! Exciting!!

And finally, let me share with you a quick and sweet thank-you message, from the duo and to their helpers:

Many thanks to Beau LaBute and Selwyn Sharples helping us run the prints up and down stairs to hang on the lines, shuffling the drying rack and toasting fresh prints over the heater (yes heat, to fight the mist and rain)... without them we would be hopelessly lost. Also thanks to Dave Hayden for bringing us a huge amount of fresh greens and fruit to keep us powered up, and to Joe Landry at the Dawson Print Shop for helping us cut the finished pages.

See you all at the launch, this Wednesday, August 5th, 7pm!

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