Reprodepot at 211 in September!

So last week I saw my pal Djerba Goldfinger on vacation and we had lots of fun. No worries, I'm not turning the 211 blog into my personal travel blog, (I've already done that on the D+Q blog) but Djerba did slip me some awesome advances of her new pattern books.
You see, you may not know Djerba by name, but if you are a craftster, a BUST reader, or lucky enough to come across her booth at PucesPop, you know who ReproDepot is. For over ten years, Reprodepot has been the vendor of choice for stylish fabrics that you can't find at your local Fabricville or Joann's for all of you Americans. In fact, before I knew Djerba, it was her site one day while searching for Marimekko fabric, that I stumbled across my now favorite fabric designer Amy Butler.

For this project, Djerba has designed her own patterns inspired by her favorite vintage fabrics. Djerba has been devotedly working on this project for close to two years while still running Reprodepot (more than) full-time and raising a child, let's give some props to working moms!!! (All the mommas who profit dollas!!) She carefully combed her amazing archives in Northampton, breaking it all down into two books -Folk and Flora- and then doing all of the color separations herself. No small feat for close to 500 pages of patterns.The greatest thing about the whole project and keeping in the spirit of the DIY movement that Repro Depot is so firmly rooted in, each book contains a CD that allows craftsters to use the patterns for anything they see fit. The book also features a sampling of crafts for the patterns. And these are realistic crafts like stationary and gift wrap, not crochet or sewing projects where you have to be a master craftster to produce. As a proud knitter of scarves and sewer of curtains (see the pattern? large blocky items) and nothing more complicated, these books are a delight.

Though if I get really lazy, I still can still just opt for the journal, note cards or stationery sets. The entire collection will be at 211 in September.

***Also shout out to our favorite book blogger, Julia Rothman, whose design firm Also designed the project. And to our favorite design blogger Grace Bonney, for doing the intro. Seriously, can this project get any better? I didn't even mention the not-so-secret comics connection.

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