Simpsons' TreeHouse Of Horror

If you haven't seen these yet you MUST stop by soon! (they'll go fast) Simpsons' comics as recreated by a ton of underground comics peoples. We really like the Ben Jones strip.


Don't forget tonight is the Launch for Hipless Boy, WalkUps and The Banana Story Of Agony!
7pm, Here @ 211 Bernard West.

Zine Zunday

Look at those fresh new zines by local talents Isabelle Demers and Andree-Anne Longchamps!

And look at our great, newly re-located, zine stand, complete with a sweet sign made out of cardboard by Yaniya!

Map of My Heart Launch

In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of King-Cat Comics, John Porcellino is taking his show on the road, and he'll be gracing Montreal with his presence.

As part of his tour with Map of My Heart, he'll be coming by the Librairie Drawn and Quarterly on Tuesday October 6th at 7 pm. John will be presenting a slide show, fielding questions, and (of course) signing books and comics.

Come by, get your books signed, and meet a legend of the minicomics world. And don't forget to check out Map of My Heart, the collected King-Cat Comics from 1996-2002! It's fresh off the printing presses and in a place of honour on the front tables at the bookstore. PLUS it's 25% off right now, as are his other collections of minicomics, King Cat Classix, and Perfect Example. Hurray for fall blowout sale synergy!

BLOWOUT SALE at 211 Bernard Ouest

The store is going crazy for fall, starting today with a blowout sale that will last until the end of the month of October!

ALL the Drawn & Quarterly titles are 25% off!

On top of this, we have 2 tables OVERFLOWING with discounts - ranging from 15 %to 50%, on a selection of awesome graphic novels, art books and french titles.


Hipless Boy Launch

Make sure to mark your calendars for September 29th 7pm. We will be hosting a Conundrum Press triple launch: Sherwin Tjia is launching his book Hipless Boy; a collection of strips from the McGill Daily, alongside Lesley Johnson's The Story Of Banana Agony and a new edition of Lance Blomgren's Walkups.

Don Freeman

We all know Corduroy--easily one of the most popular children's books of all time. Of course, that kind of popularity tends to overshadow other works like this great little understated masterpiece by one of our favorite cartoonist/illustrators, Don Freeman. And you remember this treasure from last Fall.

Geek Geek Geek Tastic

Geektastic - Stories from the Nerd Herd is now in store! The book compiles tales of nerd-dom in both comic and fiction/short story format - with comics illustrated by cartoonists/powercouple Hope Larson & Bryan Lee O'Malley, and 15 geek-pefying (geek+stupefying) short stories. Lovers of beautiful losers and things that smell like teen spirit, come and get this.

What keeps us coming back again and again to The Believer Magazine is our faith in the sharp intellect and discerning taste of its editors. Their latest publication, READ HARD, is a perfectly sized anthology of The Believer's best essays and creative non-fiction that more than lives up to our expectations.

READ HARD's editor, novelist Heidi Julavits (renown known for her essay interrogating the current nature of book reviewing) collects diverse pieces that vary from grim (William T. Vollmann's essay discusses WWII air strikes from a German point of view) to funny (Tom Bissell reviews the import and validity of 'How To' books for writers) to in depth discussions of Paul Anka or book tours with Michel Houellebecq. One thing they all have in common is a captivating style that pushes their unusual subject matter to the forefront of our minds.

Come in to check out Read Hard and the rest of our McSweeney's collection!

Fever Chart

Have you been wondering what Ron Rege Jr. has been up to? Well, we just received this nice looking novel from McSweeney's Publishing and Ron did the book design! Fever Chart is Bill Cotter's first novel. A quote from McSweeney's website on Cotter:

"Bill Cotter's debut novel is, we think, funnier and more exciting and just generally better written than any other book or movie or theatrical production you'll see this year"

Added to my list of things to read this year!

The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics

We've been waiting to see this monster of a book ever since we heard about it. This is THE children's comic anthology for the ages. All the classics are in here: Little Lulu, Sugar and Spike, Clifford, Little Archie, Dennis the Menace, Bark's Donald Duck, lots of Walt Kelly, and even our beloved Melvin Monster. Art and Françoise have done a stellar job with their group of editors. I cannot wait to read this book again and again to Gigi and Woody. NOW INSTORE!

Madeleine L'Engle's classic YA series

A Wrinkle in Time is a classic of young adult fiction, and a must-read for those of you adults who aren't so young anymore, but never got to L'Engle's canon.

A Wrinkle in Time is the first of five books about the Murry Family. In it, Charles Wallace and Meg Murry (the eldest and youngest in the family) encounter Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which, aged representatives of the forces of light who are fighting for the future of humankind. I still remember the first time I read the book, and what a thrill it was to learn about tesseracts and fourth dimensions.

Each book deals with the trials and tribulations of the family from the perspective of a different sibling. We have the whole series, which has been reissued with beautiful glossy covers by Taeeun Yoo.

Burden Of Dreams

I've been reading Herzog's memoirs from the making of Fitzcarraldo. The film is about a underdog arts patron who wishes to bring opera to the jungles of Peru. To do so he buys a massive ship and sets out into the jungle to harvest rubber. In short they wind up hauling the ship over a mountain to circumvent rapids and harvest deep in the jungle. The book recounts Herzog's dealings and efforts in the Jungle; the bugs, the politics, the crew, the actors: All of which seem to work against him. I haven't gotten to any of the famous Klaus Kinski moments, but I'm sure they will be amazing. We now stock Fitzcarraldo on DVD as well as Conquest Of the Useless (the book). The latter has been quite popular at the store since its release in July!

New Friends!....?

I like this show. I like it because in the spirit of all good kids shows it makes no sense. It gives adults the feeling the maybe the world is crumbling, or like maybe they just ate too much Fruit Loops; but are not able to handle the sugar high. The thing is: Kids can thrive on this stuff. Kids are made for this stuff.

Of course I write this while eating a Dad's Cookie left over from the Coloring Book Launch. Don't judge. Just get the new Yo Gabba Gabba: New Friends DVD, Now available in the Librairie.

Launch for The Indie Rock Coloring Book - Pictures!

Let me share with y'all a few shots of this Saturday's event - the launch of the Yellow Bird Project's Indie Rock Coloring Book, which featured a very special performance by Murray Lightburn, coloring, juice, cookies, brownies (courtesy of the Zigoto Cafe), good times and more coloring! Fun!

Alphabets and Inventories

As you know, we deal mostly in drawings and pictures. Recently, however, we discovered an alphabet theme snaking its way through some of our inventory. Here are a couple of those titles:

Meeka Walsh has collected a group of Winnipeg artists to illustrate a creature for each letter of the alphabet. “The creatures featured in the alphabestiary collection demonstrate honesty and imagination in their rendering.” (from Border Crossings website)The results are fantastic:

Remember wishing there were more pictures in the dictionary when you were a kid? Well, apparently John Carrera did too. He has carefully selected and compiled all the images in Pictoral Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities. It contains a large and absorbing selection of the very best engravings used over the years in the Merriam Webster dictionary.

McSweeneys never ceases to come up with new and weird ideas. This time they have published a hardback, alphabetical inventory of over 50 000 metal bands. AKMB is awesome not only because of it's simple detail and design, but also for the sheer mass of information it contains. Band name after band name listed in silver ink on (of course) black pages.

Come in and check out our alphabets and inventories...and tell if we missed any!

Globe and Mail favorites in store

This week, the Globe and Mail wrote two laudatory articles on two titles we're very proud to carry. Exciting!

The first article is a heartwarming ode to Tove Jansson's fleeting and delicate summer of The Summer Book, while the second one praises the sheer masterfulness of Drawn & Quarterly's latest release, R. Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics (for more info about this title, have a look at Julia's blog post below).

Now get reading, and then come to the store to see what the buzz is all about!

Today 2pm!!

Don't forget today, 2pm to 4pm we will be hosting a launch for the Indie Rock Coloring Book!
Murray Lightburn of The Dears will be playing an acoustic set at 2:30 so be sure not to miss it, Remember that royalties from the book go towards charities such as Housing Works.
We will also be selling Yellow Bird Project's T-shirts with 100% of sales going to charity!

Masterpiece Comics

Some of you have come in, anxiously inquiring after Masterpiece Comics.

Well, we've got good news for all you geeky lit fans and pop culture fiends! You can rest easy, because R. Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics is now available in store!

Come explore the Crypt of Bronte...

Share the trials and tribulations of Hester's Little Pearl...

Find out whether Raskol will triumph over the forces of darkness...

And get lost in the metafictional world that is R. Sikoryak's brain.

Each chapter covers a different classic literary text using a different classic comic. Iggy as the protagonist in Voltaire's Candide? Beavis and Butthead as Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot? Pure comic genius. Where else can you get parody and profundity in one package?

Indie Rock Coloring Book Day!! Sat. Sept , 5th 2-4pm

Saturday is sneaking up fast, I'd like to remind people that we are hosting an event for kids and adults of all ages. We will be supplying juice, cookies and coloring supplies. AND we have a special guest from the book who will be performing!! We'll give you hints on who it could be Via our twitter starting tomorrow.

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