Alphabets and Inventories

As you know, we deal mostly in drawings and pictures. Recently, however, we discovered an alphabet theme snaking its way through some of our inventory. Here are a couple of those titles:

Meeka Walsh has collected a group of Winnipeg artists to illustrate a creature for each letter of the alphabet. “The creatures featured in the alphabestiary collection demonstrate honesty and imagination in their rendering.” (from Border Crossings website)The results are fantastic:

Remember wishing there were more pictures in the dictionary when you were a kid? Well, apparently John Carrera did too. He has carefully selected and compiled all the images in Pictoral Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities. It contains a large and absorbing selection of the very best engravings used over the years in the Merriam Webster dictionary.

McSweeneys never ceases to come up with new and weird ideas. This time they have published a hardback, alphabetical inventory of over 50 000 metal bands. AKMB is awesome not only because of it's simple detail and design, but also for the sheer mass of information it contains. Band name after band name listed in silver ink on (of course) black pages.

Come in and check out our alphabets and inventories...and tell if we missed any!

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