The Comics Bandito and Other Stories

The Map of My Heart launch went great. John explained a lot about his creative process, and the lifestyle changes he was going through while writing the King-Cat Comics that make up Map of My Heart.

Tom Devlin, D+Q's creative director, reminiscing about first meeting John Porcellino some 20 years ago.

John confessing his midwestern American French accent as he explains about "Le Filler" segments.

Answering questions and signing books, surrounded by King-Cat merchandise.

Instead of the obligatory crowd shots, we snapped some candids of the folks in attendance:

This is our friend who Rory calls The Rollerblade Kid. There will be a comic about him one day.

Yaniya in ultimate serious mode.

Amy Lockhart {forthcoming Dirty Dishes from D+Q} and Julie Doucet {secretly drawing comics while saying she's given up drawing} looking overjoyed about the prospects of spending some time with John.

{Tom's note: I met John more like 12 years ago!!! Sheesh, we're old but come on!!}

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