Conundrum Triple Launch Photos

It was a rainy Tuesday night just a few short days ago when Conundrum Press launched not one, not two, but three glorious books!

The Hipless Boy by Sully (aka Sherwin Tjia, who is also the mastermind behind the Slow Dance phenomen sweeping the nation).

Sherwin explained a bit about the process of turning the comic into a graphic novel, and read from some of his favourite sections.

The Banana Story of Agony, by the ambidextrous (emphasis on both ambi- and -dexterity) Lesley Johnson.

Lesley and Sherwin at the signing station.

And, of course, Walkups by Lance Blomgren, who was more present than seemed feasible via telephone. We are the global village.

Conundrum's Andy Brown bringing us the voice of Lance Blomgren all the way from Dawson City.

A fun time was had by all! And don't forget: all three books are available in our mini-Conundrum section.

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