Halloween at the bookstore!

Last night was Halloween, and to celebrate, we had candy, trick-or-treaters, and a launch for Rick Trembles' Motion Picture Purgatory.

Pumpkin Mymble (only 30% more fanged than usual) stood guard at the front door, inviting our costumed friends in for candy.

I love how enthusiastic they are about crackers!

Pippi Longstocking was very obliging and agreed to stand next to Mymble.

Not all of the people in costume were children, either! Here, Rick and a furred lady are debating the purpose of having a man's head dangling from her neck. I presumed it was a trophy...

Not long after that, we flicked off the lights, and set up some candles around Rick. Add a CD of spooky sound effects, and we were ready to go!

Rick's slideshow dealt with diverse and academic questions about the significance of underground comics. He talked about propaganda, censorship, seventies horror films, stop motion animation, and the way all of these influenced and inflect his own comics. He was also, of course, hilarious.

A birthday card from Rick's dad, who also did comics (a little before my time, in the 1940s). Look closely - you might recognize the man in the middle.

This is what happens when you set an atmospheric mood at a book launch by dimming the overheads, and then take a photo with flash. Contrary to photographic evidence, everyone had a great time! We ran out of chairs early on, and the doorway was more crowded every time I looked.

Thanks Rick!

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