I've come to love a good pile of books. There is something endlessly satisfying about goods coming in the door, getting stacking up; then stickering and placing them in the store for all the world to pick through and discover. This week has been exceptionally satisfying! I've collected some photos of our great piles AND other piles that i find look pleasing.

Here are some piled goods picked up directly from publishers at this years APE in San Fransisco. This means new books from Buenaventura, Sparkplug, Tugboat, Islands Fold, Teenage Dinosaur, Alec Longstreth, and Jesse Reklaw as well as some old favorites. {Note: new Matt Furie! Boy's Club 3! And Tom's new favorite I Want You! by Lisa Hanawalt--it's filthy funny.}

Also in the pile: CALENDARS!! Check out what is rolling in the door= 2010!! So far we have Jill Bliss, Nikki McClure and Atherton Lin designed Calendars with tons more on order- but be fast these go like hot cakes.

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