Events coming up this month!

Thursday November 12, 7pm - Palimpsest Magazine launches its inaugural issue

Come visit and peruse the interactive displays featuring examples of this issue's audio, print and video material. Drinking and ogling, cultural capital, team building, socializing and the consumption of baked goods are all on the agenda, and in no particular order.

Palimpsest Magazine is an anthology of multiples (print, audio, textile, video, etc). All handmade works are edition-ed, comprising an exclusive total of 50 issues. 01, our inaugural issue, was curated by Danielle St-Amour and Tess Edmonson, and features fine art works by Chris Foster, Matt King, Peter Thompson, Aisling Macken and Stacey Ho, writing by Neil Holyoak and Tess Edmonson, video works by Willie Brisco, Tobias Rochman, Brendan Reed, Christopher Mills and Kevin Hainey, and a mixtape-cassette curated by Shub Roy of Grand Trine/Pink Noise, and Mark Fragua of Wax Attic/Ultrathin.

For more information, or to view their current catalog, visit them online at


Thursday, November 19, 7pm - The Best Canadian Essays 2009 Book Launch

Tightrope Books, the publishers of The Best Canadian Poetry series are proud to announce the beginning of a promising new Best Of series of literary essays. Carefully selected by editors Carmine Starnino and Alex Boyd, The Best Canadian Essays showcases fourteen exceptional essays published in Canadian magazines in 2008.

These fourteen distinctive voices unite to represent the diversity and breadth of Canadian nonfiction writing today: Denis Seguin describes his experience as the father of a child with Asperger's; Anita Lahey introduces the new face of porn; Jessa Gamble patiently searches for a glimpse of the elusive muskox; and Kris Demeanor opines on the exigencies of choosing music as a profession. The Best Canadian Essays can be regarded as a welcome and overdue companion to the long running American series, The Best American Essays.


Friday November 27th, 7pm - We're launching Marc Bell's Hot Potatoe and Amy Lockhart's Dirty Dishes!

Marc Bell's Hot Potatoe seamlessly combines decade-plus long comics activities with a lifelong devotion to, as Bell calls it, "Fine Ahtwerks." Part art monograph, part comics collection, Hot Potatoe is filled with mixed media cardboard constructions, watercoloured drawings, altered found texts and Bell's most intense, dizzying comics from the contemporary avant-garde comics anthologies Kramers Ergot and The Ganzfeld.

Bell's works have their roots in draftsmanship, typography and old-fashioned gags, but morph into assemblages that connect his images into real space. His comics are funny, seat-of-the pants narratives that give the characters an inner-life.

Represented by the Adam Baumgold Gallery in Manhattan, Bell is one of the leading lights in the new emphasis on drawing in the art world. He comes on like a stepchild of R. Crumb, Ray Johnson and Basquiat, armed with a dashing and looping rapidograph. He is an internationally renowned artist who has been greatly influential to a new generation of artists working in a similar vein. Originally from London, ON, Marc Bell currently lives in Montreal.


Dirty Dishes is feminist art from the trailer park. This petit livre is a first class ticket into the creepy cute and totally absurd world of StrawBaby, and the mind of its creator Amy Lockhart. It chronicles the various facets of her process/thinking from her paintings and drawings to cardboard sculpture of objects from her everyday life. Also included are stills from her animations and photos of costumes used in her videos.

Amy works in a variety of mediums, including animation, film and video making, acrylic painting, drawing, costume making, comics and small press books and combines the various mediums as much as possible and let them feed into each other and out of each other. She is an animator by trade, and recently was a visiting educator at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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