Last Night's Seth Event

Last night we packed the house to the point of bursting, close to 100 people made the windows of 211 quite steamy (apologies if anyone came and did not make it in) as they listened to Seth tell his Brief Stories About Cartooning. Judging by the laughter and excellent post-slide-show questions, everyone in the room was as engaged and amused.

Seth visiting the office pre-event:

The Chief doing introductions:

The Slide-Show:

Topics covered: Canadiana, memory drawings, discipline, the 18 hour work day, Toronto, Montreal, the City of Dominion, the internet, changing your name, Chester Brown, Joe Matt, eternally fleeting memories and so much more (now fleeting from my memory)

The signing:

The RollerBlade kid (Sans Roller Blades):

This Sprott copy was missing the embossed title, so Seth drew it on:

If you missed the talk, don't fret: Seth is the subject of an upcoming National Film Board documentary and the whole event (and more) was filmed. Thanks to the NFB for the amazing lighting! Here are some shots of NFB crew setting up:

A couple of weeks ago, Peggy did the Puces Pop festival where a couple came right up to the booth and zeroed in on George Sprott and peppered her with questions about who the author was. Turns out they run the website Art Deco Montreal and were instantly enchanted with Seth's style of drawing. They even remembered to come to the event, where Seth asked them if they knew who wrote the book "Northern Deco Art Deco in Montreal"...well, lo and behold, the author Sandra Cohen-Rose (second from right) did, then they engaged in lengthy conversation about art deco in comics.

Comic creators Matthew Forsythe and Zach Worton:

If you haven't read George Sprott, I urge you to come out and get a copy, it will move you deeply!

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