GoGo Monster!

The latest Taiyo Matsumoto book to be translated in english is now in store! GoGo Monster comes in hardcover, with a colorful slipcase and the pages died red on the side, it's beautiful.

The new story by the acclaimed author of Tekkon Kinkreet follows Yuki Tachibana, a nine-year-old weirdo who sees creatures from another world. They like to play innocent tricks on his classmates, but they are soon joined by another set of monsters that want to do more than just steal erasers. Is this paranormal scenario imagined by Yuki as a way of coping with a cruel and alienating system, or is the world in actual danger?

Click here to see a great preview of the Japanese edition by Same Hat's Ryan - you'll notice Viz got rid of the fancy bookmark tassel :-( The book's totally worth it though!

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