my hypothetical non-denominational holiday list Part I

Everyone knows non-denominational holiday season is the time for baking. Rapper Socalled's grandmother definitely knew this so she made up a cookie bookie with all her best receipes. Socalled quickly reproduced it in order to profit from her culinary savvy and in turn we all get to taste Grandma Socalled's delicious cookies.

This book is hilarious. Most people agree with me about this. The ones who don't have unfortunately been irretrievably lost to the realm of Maturity.

I like both these Maira Kalman books exactly the same (although technically I guess she really only illustrated the The elements of style).

An oldy but a goody, this book is essential cultural trivia. Biskind unveils all the the kooky random stories from the 'director's decade' in this chronicle of the 1970's Hollywood revolution.

Cassavetes. Criterion. Enough said.

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