my non-denominational holiday list Part II

Are good-looking people always well-dressed? Or do well-dressed people just always look good-looking. I don't know. The Sartorialist offers plenty of food for thought about this in his book full of colorful snapshots of exceptional style from the streets of the world.

Intertextual drama. Alison Bechdel recreates this whole memoir around the story of her childhood with a closeted gay dad. It's the kind of book that pulls at your heart strings but also keeps you on your (literary) toes with its liberal use of references to classic literature.

In 1958 Swiss born Robert Frank drove across the United Stats of America with a camera and his family. This book collects a selection of the incredible black and white photos of the everyday he took along the way.

Marcel Dzama's c.v. is fourteen pages long. He's young. He's talented. And he's Canadian. The 28 prints in this "scrapbook" exemplify all the reasons Dzama's art is so neat.

This is one of those books you have to read and recommend to just about everyone you know. I'm not just saying that. It's a real pleasure to read because it's extremely well written (notice the Pulizer prize there on the cover...) AND its set in 1940's New York AND it's about the beginning of mass comic-book publishing AND it's based on a slew of real life comic creators.
But really, it's just a good book.

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