SilkScreening Fall '09

We've got plenty of spots left in our Silk Screening class set to start September, 7th. The workshop is 3 sessions long (sept. 7th, 14th and 21st) in the evenings from 6:30-8:30. All materials are included.

Above is a print by Anouk Paris, a participant in the last silkscreening workshop. This is an outsiders instructional pamphlet on how to make the classic Quebec dish: Poutine.. We believe Anouk is from from the Netherlands..

To sign up, or for more information call 514.279.2224 or email: workshops (@) drawnandquarterly (dot) com

We love author visits! David Gavril!

Friend of D&Q and Children's book author/illustrator Dave Gavril stopped by the store today. Dave was in town on part A of his honeymoon (Congratulations Dave and Vanessa!)

Come check out Dave's new book: Chicken Soup which was written by Dave's mother and illustrated by the man himself!!

Peggy Drops by the Bookstore!

Our very own Peggy Burns called today to say she'd be coming past the bookstore, but not for just any old reason. Peggy spent Saturday and Sunday participating in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Here she is with her friend Cory, both of them looking righteously triumphant!

Congratulations, Peggy!

Reprodepot at 211 in September!

So last week I saw my pal Djerba Goldfinger on vacation and we had lots of fun. No worries, I'm not turning the 211 blog into my personal travel blog, (I've already done that on the D+Q blog) but Djerba did slip me some awesome advances of her new pattern books.
You see, you may not know Djerba by name, but if you are a craftster, a BUST reader, or lucky enough to come across her booth at PucesPop, you know who ReproDepot is. For over ten years, Reprodepot has been the vendor of choice for stylish fabrics that you can't find at your local Fabricville or Joann's for all of you Americans. In fact, before I knew Djerba, it was her site one day while searching for Marimekko fabric, that I stumbled across my now favorite fabric designer Amy Butler.

For this project, Djerba has designed her own patterns inspired by her favorite vintage fabrics. Djerba has been devotedly working on this project for close to two years while still running Reprodepot (more than) full-time and raising a child, let's give some props to working moms!!! (All the mommas who profit dollas!!) She carefully combed her amazing archives in Northampton, breaking it all down into two books -Folk and Flora- and then doing all of the color separations herself. No small feat for close to 500 pages of patterns.The greatest thing about the whole project and keeping in the spirit of the DIY movement that Repro Depot is so firmly rooted in, each book contains a CD that allows craftsters to use the patterns for anything they see fit. The book also features a sampling of crafts for the patterns. And these are realistic crafts like stationary and gift wrap, not crochet or sewing projects where you have to be a master craftster to produce. As a proud knitter of scarves and sewer of curtains (see the pattern? large blocky items) and nothing more complicated, these books are a delight.

Though if I get really lazy, I still can still just opt for the journal, note cards or stationery sets. The entire collection will be at 211 in September.

***Also shout out to our favorite book blogger, Julia Rothman, whose design firm Also designed the project. And to our favorite design blogger Grace Bonney, for doing the intro. Seriously, can this project get any better? I didn't even mention the not-so-secret comics connection.

All Things Eggers

As you know, us here at D&Q are huge McSweeney's fans and an essential part of their collection are the works of Dave Eggers (not to mention the fact the he is the founder!) Mr. Eggers must be a busy man right now, take a look at what he has on the go:

Set for release this fall is an interpretation of Sendak's classic Where The Wild Things Are It's already making waves, I think we are talking Oscars here people. Eggers and Spike Jones penned this together.

Zeitoun is Eggers' newest non-fiction piece that has been receiving some great attention
You would think it stops here and then WHAM=

A book Loosely based on the screenplay, The Wild Things will be available in October '09 -- You can read excerpts Here AND as if that is not enough, the design savvy team at McSweeney's has put this together:

This is a limited edition fur covered version, sure to sell out. So get your pre-orders in with us right away if you would like to see this on your bookshelf in October!!

If you are looking to catch up on older Eggers titles: stop by the store for: What Is The What, A Heartbreaking Work Of A Staggering Genius, How Are We Hungry and You Shall Know Our Velocity. Not to mention the countless McSweeney's collections Mr. Eggers has edited nor the Best Of series...

Need More Neil Gaiman?

Today a customer told me she learned about us from Neil Gaiman's Blog!!
Check it out: Here -- We still have some signed stock, but you have to get it fast!!

Indie Rock Coloring Book!!

We are pleased to announce a launch for the Indie Rock Coloring book!! So mark your calendars, September 5th, 2-5 pm. There will be juice and cookies for the kids, coloring books and coloring supplies, as well as a special guest music act (you will not want to miss this, it's so big we can't announce it!!)

The folks at Yellow Bird Project put this book together and all royalties go toward charity. Below are Iron & Wine and Sunset Rubdown's pages from the book.

Gayla Trail

I love spotting authors of books we carry in the store- Today I was thrilled to meet Gayla Trail, author of You Grow Girl, and master of the amazing blog I frequent her blog and because of it, I have a really awesome deck full of healthy plants and herbs.

While chatting I learned that Gayla has a new book with Random House by the name of: Grow Great Grub: Organic food from small places set for release in Feb. 2010!! We've already discussed plans for a book launch at the Librairie so stay tuned for news on that front..

I sent Gayla and her partner Davin for some grub at Le Pickup and recommended a trip to Jean-Talon Market. GAYLA: tell us what you thought!!

The Gigantic Robot in store!

Just to dash any hopes right off the bat, this is not a post about a really big robot dropping by 211 Bernard. I promise it'll be almost as good, though. The Gigantic Robot is Tom Gauld's latest work, published by Buenaventura Press. It's a stripped-down fable about the melancholy nature of robot existence.

32 pages long, it's the same length as a standard children's book, and the bleakness of the content contrasts starkly with its implied form and audience. The beauty of the book comes from the sparseness of the language and the powerful drawings (this is a case of text serving as accompaniment to imagery).

A silver cover board book, Daniel Clowes calls it "a perfect little book." If it's got the Daniel Clowes stamp of approval, you know it's good.

Jerry Moriarty's Jack Survives - Now in store!

Jerry Moriarty's Jack Survives was originally published in the eighties in Art Spiegelman's groundbreaking magazine RAW. The complete series is now compiled in a just-released, must-have, big hardcover book, thanks to Buenaventura Press.

Most stories/anecdotes hold on a single page and benefit substantially from Jack's retort and general discontentment with the everyday life. The dialogues are minimal and low-spirited, i.e. very funny.

Jack Survives shines with raw (get it?) sarcastic playfulness, dry and gritty humour, earnest lines and a remarkable sense of timing. It is also note-worthy that the pages are scanned as to put forward the traces of erased drawing that didn't make it in the printed pages of RAW.

PS: This book features awesome full-page ball-point studies and gorgeous color versions of some of the comics. It also begins with introductions by Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware, so laudatory that it left me a bit teary-eyed.

Check this out!

I love the idea of trailers for things other than movies.. Is this Pynchon himself speaking?

New Sunday Press Books!

Two exciting and huge Sunday Press titles have made their way to the bookstore. We've got The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek and Queer Visitors from the Marvellous Land of Oz.

The Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek features the complete run of Verbeek's massively complex ambigram/vertical palindrome comics, The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo. That's right, to follow Verbeek's Sunday fantasy comic, you have to turn the page/big book upside-down!

Also included are all of his Loony Lyrics of Lulu and a part of The Terrors of the Tiny Tads, plus paintings, illustrations, and magazine cartoons.

Queer Visitors from the Marvellous Land of Oz (Julia's fave) is a gorgeous compilation of the first ongoing strip to be based on a current work of popular fiction.

From the publisher's mouth: "most of the flaws and irregularities found in newsprint reproduction (ink smudges, off-register colors) remain, while those caused by time and mishandling (tears, excessive yellowing) have been repaired. The result is a chance for Oz lovers and comics fans alike to experience these lost masterpieces as they were meant to be seen."

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean stop by the store!!!

Don't ask us to reveal our secrets but around 10:15 am this morning-- Behind closed doors-- Author Neil Gaiman and Illustrator Dave McKean stopped by the store to check things out and sign a ton of books!!

Dave and Neil talked shop with D&Q publicist Peggy Burns (Who also happens to be an ex DC Comics publicist... Are you starting to see the connection?) ... Come check out our extensive collection of their freshly-signed books, including Neil's Young (haha) Adult titles such as: Coraline, The Wolves In The Walls and the Newbery award-winning The Graveyard Book!
**Interesting fact: Neil also divulged that he is heavily into Beekeeping as of late!

Thanks for coming by, Dave and Neil!

Why are we not all reading every William Vollmann book as soon as it comes out? We should. Here's is possibly the greatest blurb in the history of blurbs (I feel smarter just reading the blurb!):

I was sitting on the train one day chipping away at William T. Vollmann's latest slab of obsessional nonfiction when my friend Tsia, who incidentally is not an underage Thai street whore, offered to save me time with a blurby one-sentence review based entirely on the book's cover and my synopsis of its first 50 pages. "Just write that it's like Robert Caro's The Power Broker,” she said, "but with the attitude of Mike Davis's City of Quartz." This struck me as good advice, and I was all set to take it, but as I worked my way through the book's final 1,250 pages, I found I had to modify it, slightly, to read as follows: Imperial is like Robert Caro’s The Power Broker with the attitude of Mike Davis's City of Quartz, if Robert Caro had been raised in an abandoned grain silo by a band of feral raccoons, and if Mike Davis were the communications director of a heavily armed libertarian survivalist cult, and if the two of them had somehow managed to stitch John McPhee's cortex onto the brain of a Gila monster, which they then sent to the Mexican border to conduct ten years of immersive research, and also if they wrote the entire manuscript on dried banana leaves with a toucan beak dipped in hobo blood, and then the book was line-edited during a 36-hour peyote seance by the ghosts of John Steinbeck, Jack London, and Sinclair Lewis, with 200 pages of endnotes faxed over by Henry David Thoreau's great-great-great-great grandson from a concrete bunker under a toxic pond behind a maquiladora, and if at the last minute Herman Melville threw up all over the manuscript, rendering it illegible, so it had to be re-created from memory by a community-theater actor doing his best impression of Jack Kerouac. With photographs by Dorothea Lange. (Viking has my full blessing to use that as a blurb.)

{From Sam Anderson at New York.}


Don't forget!!!Tonight 7pm, Dusty Peas will be presenting their new silk-screened zine and assemble-it-yourself paper sculpture. An assembly station will be available at the launch for people who would be interested in building the paper sculpture on-site. This will be a table with scissors and glue.. maybe an exacto knife.

Dusty Peas is a London Ontario-based collaborative team composed of James Kirkpatrick and Jamie Q. Their drawings, sculptures, self-published zines, and stop-motion animations combine absurdity and abstraction through intuitive freestyle processes. At once both calculated and haphazard, the work of Dusty Peas speaks to the generative possibilities of constructive fun and good old-fashioned imagination.

In case you're wondering why it smells funky in the store today

So, Matt Shane is leaving the D+Q family. He's been an employee at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly since it opened two years ago. I think it's safe to say, he has become a beloved part of the neighborhood. Tears will be shed. To say goodbye, we held a little wine and cheese party (we also bid farewell to office intern Casey as well. She lucked out in that she didn't get the usual awkward pizza party.)

I could write a whole blog devoted to our colorful controller Jamie Salomon. A gourmand, underground comics aficionado, scholar, storyteller. Bur perhaps his greatest love and interest is CHEESE!!

More cheese.

And more cheese. Three courses of cheese. Three courses of wine--white, red, and port.

Jamie reads the cheese facts to the assembled office, store, and friends. I swear to god I would watch a webcast of Jamie talking about and eating cheese. Please note: he is wearing a Nancy tie in celebration of the excellent Fantagraphics Nancy News.

Claire and Julia (left) complain about their bosses and store manager Rory (right) contemplates the idea of not eating a real dinner before sitting down and eating a pound of cheese and drinking six glasses of wine.

Rory, Matt, and Brendan talk about paradiddles and flamdiddles and double kick pedals.

New intern Laura Terry from The Center for Cartoon Studies and lame-duck intern Casey. Drink up, Casey!

Remember this Wednesday's launch...

... for the new Dusty Peas zine and do-it-yourself-paper-sculpture?

Well, we have this picture right here that shows what the sculpture is meant to look like! And that's not all, the artists also sent us the following behind-the-scenes shots of when they were hard at work on the project:


We're told they have run into so much crazy stuff with this project... humidity stopping prints from drying quick, running out of space and putting up clotheslines everywhere, light table bulbs burning out, etc... Anyhow, the 100 copies of this 13-colour book and the 4-colour posters are all done and waiting for you!! Exciting!!

And finally, let me share with you a quick and sweet thank-you message, from the duo and to their helpers:

Many thanks to Beau LaBute and Selwyn Sharples helping us run the prints up and down stairs to hang on the lines, shuffling the drying rack and toasting fresh prints over the heater (yes heat, to fight the mist and rain)... without them we would be hopelessly lost. Also thanks to Dave Hayden for bringing us a huge amount of fresh greens and fruit to keep us powered up, and to Joe Landry at the Dawson Print Shop for helping us cut the finished pages.

See you all at the launch, this Wednesday, August 5th, 7pm!

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