Totally Abstract Comics

We just received this MARVELLOUS anthology of abstract comics from 1967 to 2009. It features astonishing work by famous comic artists like R. Crumb, Gary Panter, Lewis Trondheim, James Kochalka AND awesome locals Billy Mavreas and Benoit Joly!

Some sequences in Abstract Comics are downright mind-boggling and confrontational, ch-ch-ch-check it out.


I love David Byrne. I love Talking Heads, I loved True Stories, I love this huge musical building installation and I really love that someone with such a legacy can find time to collaborate with a young and up and coming band like Dirty Projectors. WHEN WILL THIS MAN STOP? I really hope the answer is never. Check out his new book Bicycle Diaries; we are not talking about your average tour by bike book here, though he does cover American cities (yes, we know San Francisco is Bike friendly but has big hills!) He also pedals in cities like Istanbul, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Sydney. As one might expect his interests are vast and drifting; one minute we are thinking about Emacs and the next Giant Megafauna... This book also features awesome little pictures-- generally not from his travels but instead put in place to aid with Byrne's descriptions.


Don't Miss "Swallow Me Whole"

Nate Powell's beautiful graphic novel is the strange tale of a brother and sister. Powell uses black and white inking in all manner of perspective and obfuscation to render Ruth and Perry's unusual trials from childhood through young adulthood. Ruth is obsessive compulsive. Perry is schizophrenic. This debut graphic novel is as odd as a romp through either of their brains would be. Powell's paneling and use of the page are like Marvel action comics on serious barbiturates...with an injection of art school sensibility and an unconventional narrative to prop it all up.

Powell won the Ignatz Outstanding Artist Award this year, previously held Jaime Hernandez (of "Love and Rockets" fame) and by Drawn and Quarterly's own David B ("Babel").

Happy Halloween!

We put our scariest titles (and a Mymble pumpkin) in front of the window, come check them out!

And speaking of celebrating Halloween, Rick Trembles will be in store on the 31st of October to launch his Motion Picture Purgatory Volume 2! An incomparable collection of comic-strip concoctions configured to critique film!

Legendary underground cartoonist Robert Crumb has called Rick Trembles' comix "even more twisted and weird than me" & renowned alternative cartoonist Chester Brown cited him as an early influence with "immediate impact."

We will have candy. And wine too.

Seth part 2=MORE INFO

D+Q 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues with Seth at the D+Q Librairie!
Tuesday, November 3rd at 7PM
Fresh From Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto.

After making headlines across the country, Palookaville cartoonist and New Yorker illustrator Seth makes his first-ever appearance at the D+Q Librairie, Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 at 7:00 PM, helping the company celebrate its yearlong 20th anniversary and in to discuss his latest projects George Sprott and The Collected Doug Wright.

Seth be presenting his ever popular and entertaining slide show for the last time, signing book and taking questions!

Mark your calendar, Blackberry or personal assistant; Seth is coming November 3rd!

Some of you may already know - but for those out of the loop: Seth is coming to Librairie D+Q!
The creator of Palooka-Ville, Clyde fans, Wimbledon Green, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken will be speaking about his new book: George Sprott 1894-1975 (amongst countless other comics and cartoonists, I'm sure.) If you are in Vancouver today make sure to catch Seth on stage with Doug Coupland for this.

If you are in Montreal make sure to come by 7pm, November 3rd.


As some of you may know, Tom spent the weekend at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco. He brought back tons of goodies for the bookstore.
Rack filled with new zines!

Here are a couple of my favourites that I've discovered in the zine-stravaganza.
Olga Volozova's The Airy Tales has a Little Otsu feel to it, with beautiful coloured images of pretty girls in raindrops and rooster art and umbrellaed bystanders.

The Boys' Club by Matt Furie features your favourite adolescent furry monsters and frogs. Issue 3 makes its debut in store!

And, finally, I am legally obligated to appreciate any zine that features a prom/formal party with shy and rejected anthropomorphized animals wearing tuxedoes.

There are tons of new zines - zines for one and all. Come by and explore our overflowing zine racks!


I've come to love a good pile of books. There is something endlessly satisfying about goods coming in the door, getting stacking up; then stickering and placing them in the store for all the world to pick through and discover. This week has been exceptionally satisfying! I've collected some photos of our great piles AND other piles that i find look pleasing.

Here are some piled goods picked up directly from publishers at this years APE in San Fransisco. This means new books from Buenaventura, Sparkplug, Tugboat, Islands Fold, Teenage Dinosaur, Alec Longstreth, and Jesse Reklaw as well as some old favorites. {Note: new Matt Furie! Boy's Club 3! And Tom's new favorite I Want You! by Lisa Hanawalt--it's filthy funny.}

Also in the pile: CALENDARS!! Check out what is rolling in the door= 2010!! So far we have Jill Bliss, Nikki McClure and Atherton Lin designed Calendars with tons more on order- but be fast these go like hot cakes.

Tonight! Vehicule triple launch! 7pm

Animals of My Own Kind, Harry Thurston
Harry Thurston is one of Canada's best nature poets. He won the Evelyn Richardson Prize for non-fiction in 2004. Widely admired for his descriptive powers, for twenty-eight years Harry Thurston has trained his naturalist's eye carefully, sensuously and idiosyncratically on his rugged Maritime landscape.Incorporating selections from his last six books, together with new work, these are poems made of bone, rock and water. He lives in Tidnish Bridge, Nova Scotia.

Boxing the Compass, Richard Greene
Spiritually searching and intellectually rich, Richard Greene's third book shuns easy answers in poems of unfashionable eloquence comprised of colloquial textures, clear-eyed narratives, political subtexts, and no-nonsense introspection. Richard Greene has published two previous books of poetry. He teaches Creative Writing and British Literature at the University of Toronto. He lives in Cobourg, Ontario.

Penned: Zoo Poems, editors: Stephanie Bolster, Katia Grubisic and Simon Reader
Penned gathers English-language poems from around the world,spanning more than a century of captivation with the worlds inside the cage and out. Our guides on this journey include eminent and emerging poets. Stephanie Bolster has published three books of poetry and received the Governor General's Award. She is an Associate Professor of creative writing at Concordia University in Montreal. Katia Grubisic is a writer, editor and translator whose work has been published in Canada and internationally.

Red Snow you guys!

The legendary japanese avant-garde magazine Garo (and its follow-up Ax) has published a ton of art-manga geniuses: Suehiro Maruo, Seiichi Hayashi, Kiriko Nananan, King Terry, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Nekojiru, Shinichi Abe, and the list goes on and on...Sadly, very little of this incredibly rich and artistically relevant body of work has been made available to non-japanese audiences.

Thankfully, for the past few years, D+Q has been breaking grounds with its exploration of the fascinating world of gekiga (the expressionist manga). First by publishing the work of legends Seiichi Hayashi and Yoshihiro Tatsumi, now by publishing Susumu Katsumata's award-winning Red Snow. This collection of short stories portrays the pre-modern Japanese countryside of the author's youth--a world where myth, hardships and human hearts collide.

Red Snow is now available at the store--and remember, all Drawn & Quarterly titles are off by 25% until the end of the month! This means you can buy Red Snow for less than $20 CAD, after discount and taxes, whoa!

En francais:

On top of this, we still have all of the books pictured below on sale, with discounts ranging from 15% to 50%, whoa!

A Dose of the Nineties from Black Dog Publishing

Were you born in the eighties and rapt with Power Rangers and the Spice Girls during the exciting movements of the nineties? Or maybe you were born in the sixties and actually played a part in that underground... Either way, Black Dog Publishing has just sent us three books that provide ample documentation of the riot grrrl revolution, the rise of independent record stores and Lydia Lunch's odyssey through the American underground. Come check out these new titles in our Music Section:

(FYI: Lydia Lunch also made a movie in 1989 called The Gun Is Loaded)

The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My

We get very excited when new D&Q books arrive in store - this week we are feeling extra giddy with the release of the first in the D&Q Enfant line: The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My is amazing. Die Cut hardcover and interior are truly something; and with the hard cover you won't have to worry about this!

And as always Tove Jansson's storytelling and illustrations are mesmerizing and magical.

Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem is officially responsible for any indigestion I get eating Nouveau Palais burgers. His descriptions of Jackson Hole cheeseburgers make me green with envy, as does the prospect of beginning my day at the Criterion Collection offices, a locale that Chase Insteadman negotiates with bemused interest.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Lethem's Chronic City is now available in store. The book came out October 13th and promises to be a hit. It explores Manhattan through the eyes of a pop culture critic and a washed-up child actor. They negotiate all of its corners, visiting hole-in-the-wall diners and high-class dinner parties on Park Avenue, riding subway trains, cabs, and cramped elevators.

From the jacket: "Like Manhattan itself, Jonathan Lethem's masterpiece is beautiful and tawdry, tragic and forgiving, devastating and antic, a stand-in for the whole world, and a place utterly unique."

I'm midway through Motherless Brooklyn as I type this, and looking so forward to the day when I can make a proper commitment to Chronic City.

New Yokoyama in the house!

Many moons ago (this summer), I told y'all about the new Yokoyama book we were getting - well it finally got here! The splendid Jardin is only available in french for now, so if you can't wait until the always-delivering publishing house PictureBox works its english translation magic, come over and enjoy Matiere's precious edition of the book.

By the way, browsing Matiere's website, I discovered 3 other jems in their artful, cutting-edge and envelope-pushing catalogue: Faible Passion du reel, New WANTED and Pirate d'un Soir. They are vibrant and deliciously experimental titles I hope you will enjoy!

Charley Harper - now not 19.6 pounds

Remember the gorgeous, big and heavy (holy one fifth of my own weight batman!) Charley Harper book that's so popular at the store?

We now have it in a format that's way more convenient for the less muscular of us!

Daddy looks so proud:


...finally, your favorite little notebooks have arrived. We have blank, graph and lined packs of three. We even have Field Notes Pens and Pencils! Come in and get your scribbling needs while supplies last!!!

Rasskazy Launch

We only grabbed a couple shots last night. Mikhail read some segments from the novel and answered questions about new Russian literature and its place in Russian society.

Mikhail reading the Russian equivalent of Overheard in New York.

Action shot! Mikhail in motion!

Crowd shot! The gentlemen in the second row were impressively excited about Russian literature today, but our photographic skills failed utterly to convey that. Nonetheless, it was a good night and a good turnout!

The Comics Bandito and Other Stories

The Map of My Heart launch went great. John explained a lot about his creative process, and the lifestyle changes he was going through while writing the King-Cat Comics that make up Map of My Heart.

Tom Devlin, D+Q's creative director, reminiscing about first meeting John Porcellino some 20 years ago.

John confessing his midwestern American French accent as he explains about "Le Filler" segments.

Answering questions and signing books, surrounded by King-Cat merchandise.

Instead of the obligatory crowd shots, we snapped some candids of the folks in attendance:

This is our friend who Rory calls The Rollerblade Kid. There will be a comic about him one day.

Yaniya in ultimate serious mode.

Amy Lockhart {forthcoming Dirty Dishes from D+Q} and Julie Doucet {secretly drawing comics while saying she's given up drawing} looking overjoyed about the prospects of spending some time with John.

{Tom's note: I met John more like 12 years ago!!! Sheesh, we're old but come on!!}

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