Focus on Food: Double Feature!

Michael Pollan's new book has arrived in stores! Food Rules: An Eater`s Manual provides 64 adages to guide us towards better food choices. Each rule is written out in a single sentence, and then explained in greater depth. This is the sort of thing you (don't?) want to have around the house when the midnight poutine craving strikes.

In a totally different vein, we have also received the delightful and delicious Forking Fantastic! Forking Fantastic! is written by the two women who run The Sunday Night Dinner in Astoria (seriously, check that out: they are honest and hilarious and excited). Their passion for food-oriented friendship is incredibly infectious, and I have spent the last week dreaming of dinner parties where grilled peaches, saffron spanish tortilla, and baci di ricotta abound. They've made this great promo video:

The cookbook is filled with recipes, suggestions, and funny anecdotes. There is a section called "Four Foolproof Menus (Proofed by Us Fools)" and a chart that describes how to prepare fried chicken if

a) you are insane
b) you are not insane

As the back cover promises, Forking Fantastic! is "a manifesto for bringing back a time-honored ritual one mind-blowing feast at a time."

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