Adorable Fingers and Stickers

Do you find your life drab and dismal? Have you been hit by the February blahs? Are you running dangerously low on adorable?

We may have the solution.

More accurately, Sarah Neuburger may have the solution and she has graciously consented to share a little piece of adorable with us.

We've just received this collection of labels and stickers.

With 30 pages of tiny, charming adhesives, you will be well-equipped for any bookplate, stationery, or gift-labeling emergency.

That's right, your snail mail could now feature smug snails!

And if what you're really looking for isn't adhesive but the stuff to which one might affix said adhesives, Sarah has provided a handy alternative.

The Small Object Thumbprint Notecard Set gives you 20 notecards, 20 envelopes, a finger sized inkpad, stickers, and instructions for how to go about building your own fingerprint characters.

The cards address a number of different card-giving scenarios, such as
1) declaration of (thumb) war
2) birthday cheer wishes
3) "you're pretty great" acknowledgments.

All of this to say, if you're in the market for unbearably cute, this is just the thing for you.

The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep And Never Had To

DC Pierson is a New York University graduate with a comedy team simply called: DERRICK(?!) The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep is his first book and has been getting some decent buzz- It's a book about the experience of teenage males immersed in ultimate nerd-dom (and a few unusual traits but I don't want to spoil anything.) The novel is accompanied by illustrations drawn by the protagonist and they look as though they were scanned from the margins of a grade eight math text book. A good quick read - and totally hilarious.

New Dash Shaw!

Dash Shaw's latest book is in store!

The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D. collects storyboards and drawings from his Independent Film Channel animated shorts, as well as short stories done between 2005 and 2009 and published in past MOME anthologies.

You can view the animated web series in question for free here, on the IFC website.

And while we're on the subject of Dash Shaw, you should be informed that the new MOME anthology, Volume 17 (Winter 2010), is now in store as well. It features a stylistically and emotionally charged sci-fi story by Dash Shaw and Tom Kaczynski, as well as work by Paul Hornschemeier, Ted Stearn and Renée French, among others.

And, in final Dash Shaw-related news, I just want to assure you that we're anticipating Bodyworld, his next title - and IMHO his most formally innovative and ambitious one to date, with bated breath!

Triple Header Launch Thursday!

This Thursday, February 25, we will be having a launch for three collections of Canadian writing. Whatever your genre, we've got it covered.

Cabin Fever is a collection of creative non-fiction edited by Moira Farr and Ian Pearson. Drawn from participants in the Literary Journalism Program at the Banff Centre, the book features the best work of the past six years.

The Best Canadian Poetry is a collection of fifty poems edited by A.F. Moritz. These poems were drawn from literary journals and magazines around the country.

The Best Canadian Essays 2009 is a collection of fourteen essays published in Canadian magazines. The collection was edited by Carmine Starnino and Alex Boyd and demonstrates the diversity of Canadian non-fiction.

At 7 pm this Thursday, come on down to the Librairie and get your Canadian prose and poetry fix!


We are excited to welcome Uppercase to the store - we now (and will continue to) stock the magazine as well as their excellent looking titles -check a few great looking titles below.

Camilla Engman is a Swedish painter and illustrator. This book documents her work, life and blog. Work/Life is a directory of Canadian illustrators and is chock-o-block full of examples and studios shots. It even features an interview with Jillian Tamaki.

McSweeney's 33 - IT'S HERE!

YOU GUYS! After a rather difficult wait, Issue 33 of McSweeney's Quarterly finally made its way to the store!

This one-time-only issue is a mind-blowing Sunday-edition sized newspaper: the San Francisco Panorama. It'll features news, sports and arts coverage, a magazine, a weekend guide, AND DELICIOUS COMICS - sixteen pages of full-color comics, including work from Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Art Spiegelman, and more!?

If you're still not totally excited, you can click here for a preview of McSweeney's latest jewel.

Don DeLillo: Point Omega

Don DeLillo wrote a new book. We ordered it. And now you can read it.

(Knowing DeLillo has new words makes me want to run home, curl up and read till I fall asleep, no matter what anyone says.)

Enough postcards to last you a lifetime

We just received the Onion's phenomenal set of 100 Rectangular Postal Cards Suitable for the Futile Act of Corresponding with Other Miserable Inhabitants of Earth.

Featuring postcards with the publication's best headlines, charts and covers, the set includes fan-favorite stories such as "Bluetooth Headset Worn Throughout Date" or "Unsuccessful 20-Year-Olds You Don't Need to be Jealous of."

In other postcards news, we have another funny set in store featuring 6-panels comics by Jeffrey Brown on the subject of his cat's catness. This boxset of 30 postcards is just what you Cat Getting Out of a Bag fans need (or just what any run-of-the-mill cat fanatic need, really).

PS we still carry Greetings from the Ocean's Sweaty Face (100 McSweeney's postcards) and Evil Thoughts (24 postcards by David Shrigley), how's that for the finest selection of postcards ever?


Henry Darger toiled as a caretaker in Chicago until his uneventful death at the ripe age of 81. After his death, hundreds of watercolors and drawings, along with a completed book, were discovered in his apartment. Darger is the Hubert Hubert of outsider art. The 300 page book we have in store is a plunge into the fantastic, unsettling landscape of his imagination that will be sure to keep you awake at night.

If you're interested in seeing more of the wondrous landscapes artists can dream up, don't miss these two shows by a couple very talented Montreal artists:

Horror Vacui is a show at the McClure Gallery in which Simon Bossé, Kristin Eiriksdottir, Jim Holyoak and Patrick McEown combine their artwork in order to create an other-world of darkness, articulate brain wanderings, drawing and artistic fauna. Up till the 27th...

My Own Private Dante's Disneyland is Jacinthe Loranger's latest show. It is on till Monday at the Redbird Gallery. This show is extraodinary. Loranger has mounted a plural dimension of fun, rape, fantasy and food that leaves you stumbling, bumbling and confused. It is not to be missed.

No One Belongs Here More Than You: 200th copy sold!

Just sold the 200th copy of Miranda July's No One Belongs Here More Than You (since we've been keeping track) Making it our bestselling non-Drawn & Quarterly published title!

Patti Smith in store!

Wait, did I say Patti Smith in store? We're not that fortunate. Doesn't mean we're not super stoked to carry the punk-rock legend's new book, Just Kids!

The tale of bohemian love and life with Smith and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the New York art scene of the 70's has gotten RAVING reviews, like this one right there:

"One of the best books ever written on becoming an artist...Jesus may have died for somebody's sins, but Patti Smith lives and writes and sings for all of us." (Washington Post)

More Food Focus: Grow It!

Gayla Trail is a Toronto author, blogger and first and foremost: Gardener.
Her book You Grow Girl is a popular title round these parts and I know that her new book Grow Great Grub will succeed in catching peoples green thumb attention; it focuses on growing organic edibles in small spaces. Today is the official release date for her book: Congrats Gayla!

Stay tuned for details on an event here with Gayla (once the ground starts to thaw a little)

Focus on Food: Double Feature!

Michael Pollan's new book has arrived in stores! Food Rules: An Eater`s Manual provides 64 adages to guide us towards better food choices. Each rule is written out in a single sentence, and then explained in greater depth. This is the sort of thing you (don't?) want to have around the house when the midnight poutine craving strikes.

In a totally different vein, we have also received the delightful and delicious Forking Fantastic! Forking Fantastic! is written by the two women who run The Sunday Night Dinner in Astoria (seriously, check that out: they are honest and hilarious and excited). Their passion for food-oriented friendship is incredibly infectious, and I have spent the last week dreaming of dinner parties where grilled peaches, saffron spanish tortilla, and baci di ricotta abound. They've made this great promo video:

The cookbook is filled with recipes, suggestions, and funny anecdotes. There is a section called "Four Foolproof Menus (Proofed by Us Fools)" and a chart that describes how to prepare fried chicken if

a) you are insane
b) you are not insane

As the back cover promises, Forking Fantastic! is "a manifesto for bringing back a time-honored ritual one mind-blowing feast at a time."

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