Adorable Fingers and Stickers

Do you find your life drab and dismal? Have you been hit by the February blahs? Are you running dangerously low on adorable?

We may have the solution.

More accurately, Sarah Neuburger may have the solution and she has graciously consented to share a little piece of adorable with us.

We've just received this collection of labels and stickers.

With 30 pages of tiny, charming adhesives, you will be well-equipped for any bookplate, stationery, or gift-labeling emergency.

That's right, your snail mail could now feature smug snails!

And if what you're really looking for isn't adhesive but the stuff to which one might affix said adhesives, Sarah has provided a handy alternative.

The Small Object Thumbprint Notecard Set gives you 20 notecards, 20 envelopes, a finger sized inkpad, stickers, and instructions for how to go about building your own fingerprint characters.

The cards address a number of different card-giving scenarios, such as
1) declaration of (thumb) war
2) birthday cheer wishes
3) "you're pretty great" acknowledgments.

All of this to say, if you're in the market for unbearably cute, this is just the thing for you.

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