Enough postcards to last you a lifetime

We just received the Onion's phenomenal set of 100 Rectangular Postal Cards Suitable for the Futile Act of Corresponding with Other Miserable Inhabitants of Earth.

Featuring postcards with the publication's best headlines, charts and covers, the set includes fan-favorite stories such as "Bluetooth Headset Worn Throughout Date" or "Unsuccessful 20-Year-Olds You Don't Need to be Jealous of."

In other postcards news, we have another funny set in store featuring 6-panels comics by Jeffrey Brown on the subject of his cat's catness. This boxset of 30 postcards is just what you Cat Getting Out of a Bag fans need (or just what any run-of-the-mill cat fanatic need, really).

PS we still carry Greetings from the Ocean's Sweaty Face (100 McSweeney's postcards) and Evil Thoughts (24 postcards by David Shrigley), how's that for the finest selection of postcards ever?

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