This Saturday May 1st is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! This means anyone who comes in the store that day is entitled to a copy of YOW!: A John Stanley Library Grab-Bag, the free comic book we exclusively put out for this very day!

This free comic book features 6 stories written and (mostly) drawn by the brilliant kid's comics creator John Stanley. This means comedy, good times and a piece of Nancy, Tubby, Judy Junior, Melvin Monster and Choo-Choo Charlie for free and for everyone (as long as supplies last).

Also supplied that day will be Fantagraphics Books’ contribution to Free Comic Book Day: Jim Woodring's Weathercraft and Other Unusual Tales. This one includes an excerpt from Weathercraft, Jim’s forthcoming graphic novel, a handful of Frank stories, and other delightful and puzzling features.

launch W/ Ian Orti: Tonight!!

In L: (And Things Come Apart)
A small flat sits unoccupied above Henry's café. When a woman comes to rent the room, Henry's world begins to shift. As their friendship intensifies the city itself begins to dismantle, Henry is left wondering if he is a victim of his own senility or if the transformations slowly closing in on him have something to do with the new tenant. L is the story of a nameless town where two lives intertwinea story of annihilation.

Ian Orti's prose are subtle, evoking the best magic realism. His style is reminiscent of Anosh Irani. He is the author of The Olive and the Dawn (Snare Books). He is a columnist for Matrix Magazine and his work has appeared Filling Station, The Toronto Quarterly and VICE Magazine. He has six fingers.

Spring Poetry Tra-La Tomorrow!

Celebrate Poetry Month with Gaspereau Press & Signal Editions:

April 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm
Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore
211 Bernard Ouest
Montreal, Quebec

Hosted by Carmine Starnino, author of This Way Out and editor of Signal Editions.

Featuring readings by Michael Harris, Johanna Skibsrud, Paul Tyler, and Susan Briscoe.

*Special addition to the evening: Michael Lista, author of Bloom (Anansi)

Free and open to the public.


On April 29th at 7 pm Carmine Starnino will host the third annual Spring Poetry Tra-la! Held for the first time in Montreal, Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore is the place to be to bid farewell to Poetry Month. The event this year will bring together poets from Signal Editions and Gaspereau Press: Paul Tyler (A Short History of Forgetting), Michael Harris (Circus), Susan Briscoe (The Crow's Vow) and Johanna Skibsrud (I Do Not Think That I Could Love a Human Being).


Do we put hay on our plants? What do we do? {See photo below.}

New D+Q: WILSON by Dan Clowes

The bad news is that it's snowing in Montreal. The good news is that WILSON is finally instore!!

Check out what people have to say for Wilson. Or even better: come get the book and enjoy it yourself!

Avi Friedman Tonight!

April, 27th 2010. 7pm Author Avi Friedman launches his latest book:

A Place In Mind

A Place in Mind: The Search for Authenticity is the result of Avi Friedman's worldwide quest for successful environments where people congregate and feel comfortable. Whether he writes of the conviviality of a teahouse in Istanbul; the public art of Nunavut's capital, Iqaluit; the serenity of Assisi; or the architectural harmony of neighbourhoods in London and Amsterdam, Avi Friedman conveys his excitement at discovering people-friendly places—antidotes to social isolation. In each instance, the question is asked: why do these places work?

Dr. Avi Friedman is the co-founder of the Affordable Homes Program at the McGill School of Architecture, where he is a Professor. The recipient of several research and design awards, Avi Friedman has published extensively in both academic and trade publications. Wallpaper Magazine included Avi Friedman in its list of ten people "most likely to change the way we live."

Neighbour Procedure launch! TOMORROW!

We are thrilled to present our launch tomorrow for:

Neighbour Procedure w/ author Rachel Zolf

SUNDAY, April 25th. 7pm @ Librairie Drawn & Quarterly.

Rachel Zolf's Neighbour Procedure
is a virtuoso polyvocal correspondence with the daily news, ancient scripture and contemporary theory that puts the ongoing conflict in Israel/Palestine firmly in its crosshairs.

American philosopher and academic Judith Butler says, 'This is an extraordinary collection of poems ... a courageous and moving work that feels like the struggle of a lifetime condensed into potent lines.' And the Poetry Project Newsletter calls the book 'a bold challenge both to those who would claim poetry cannot be socially or politically invaluable and to a world that ... does not believe responsibility can be taken for civil rights beyond national borders.'

Zolf will read from Neighbour Procedure with Simone de Beauvoir Institute faculty member Trish Salah, and the two will discuss Zolf's newest collection following the readings.

See you all there!

Two exciting events = lots of exciting pictures

This week has been way exciting, with both Gayla Trail visiting the store for an incredible presentation and a much needed help with our little garden, and surprise performances by Zeesy Powers and Pat Jordache. Guys, let's look at some pictures.

This Wednesday, we hosted the canadian premiere of The Ghost, Zeesy Powers' "Physical Dream Extraction Theatre." Here's the now traditional crowd shot:

While waiting for everyone to set up, Zeesy invited people on stage to talk about their first love. Only one was brave enough to do it, and she shared a beautiful story that got us all clapping and hiding our tears of admiration...

Pat Jordache performed a brilliant opening solo set, inside of an installation by Yuula Benivolski:

Then we got the pleasure of experiencing Zeesy's projection performance. It was beautiful, surprising and funny, and things got way tense and emotional at the end - a cray-cray roller-coaster we will all remember:

"You wish your farts could do that." - Maurizio Cattelan, on Zeesy's performance. I couldn't agree more.


And now here are pictures of the wonderful evening we spent yesterday with Gayla Trail for the launch of Grow Great Grub, her new -and amazing- book. We started things off by planting our own little garden with Gayla - and the helpful and adorable assistance of Gigi and Woody:

Thanks to Gayla, we now have a fully edible garden that already smells like the salad of my dreams:

Unavoidable crowd shot:

Below is Gayla talking about Mexican Sour Gherkin, which produces sour fruit resembling tiny Barbie-sized watermelons:

Her presentation on growing edibles was incredibly instructive and we learned so much about growing in soil, in containers or basically in any awkward places one can find in a city. She shared so many tips and tricks, and answered all questions with mind-blowing knowledge and nuance.

Gayla definitely got everyone attending stoked and confident about gardening, a sign that her book is pure gold - so come and buy it, and make sure you visit her blog!

Grow Great Grub. Tonight!

Tonight: Friday, April 23rd @ 6:30pm. Librairie Drawn & Quarterly. A launch for GROW GREAT GRUB with author Gayla Trail!

Over the last week we've developed these two little plots of land in front of the bookstore. We were are hoping to go from slightly gross, cigarette butt infused soil, to full on food-growing-fertility!

Luckily we have an expert in town. Toronto author and blogger Gayla Trail has been gracious enough to launch her book, help us plant a garden and impart on you her wisdom of the green thumb.

We even went all over town to source compost. Thanks Eco-Quartier @ Jeanne-Mance Park and Tom for letting me stink up his car!- *Above ^ A local handy man inspects our work.

Gayla, her husband Davin and I took a trip to the Jean-Talon Market and picked a bunch of plants for our garden. Above you see: English Thyme, Strawberries, Mint, Oregano, Garlic, lovage, Tarrogon, Coriander, Radish and a few varieties of lettuce! Stop by a little early if you'd like to participate in planting these little guys with us.

Gayla will be here around 6 to give us a hand planting and then the event will get started around 6:30. Gayla will be giving a slide show on planting in small places, as well as answering questions. I've seen some nifty seed packs that I'd imagine are for you (so long as you come!).

Astounding Tales from Tomorrow

Darwin's Bastards is a collection of short fiction set in the not-so-distant future. At first glance you might not notice that the all-star cast of authors is Canadian-only, because the range of works is delightfully broad. There are stories from established names in speculative fiction (William Gibson, anyone?) as well as writing from authors who are known for non-speculative fiction (Douglas Coupland, Yann Martel), and a few local names thrown in (Heather O'Neill, Neil Smith).

The Globe and Mail has lots of information for you here, so I'll just say this: the futures we access in Darwin's Bastards are manifold, dark, and have eerie similarities to our own reality.


We are ever so pleased to present to you a launch for:

Grow Great Grub w/ Author Gayla Trail.

FRIDAY, April 23rd. 6:30pm @ Librairie Drawn & Quarterly.

Gayla Trail (author and blogger of You Grow Girl ) graces us with her green thumb presence in order to launch her new book Grow Great Grub. Gayla will be helping us plant a little garden out front of the Librairie as well as giving a talk on growing in small places.

Taking off from her new book and over a decade of experience growing edibles on her city rooftop, Gayla shows inspiring and practical ways to grow organic food in small and difficult spaces.

See you there!

Zeesy Powers: Tonight!

TONIGHT, APRIL 21st 7pm. A performance by Toronto artist ZEESY POWERS

The Ghost

Physical Dream Extraction Theatre by Zeesy Powers.

Canadian Premiere

After performances in Japan, Berlin and Los Angeles, Montreal gets its first look at this new projection performance by Zeesy Powers. Combining watercolour animation, live dance and audio collage, The Ghost is an obsessive and beautiful work based in the body, floating in the sky.

You're a Horrible Person But I Like You

The Believer has come out with a fun new book this month, entitled You're a Horrible Person, But I Like You: The Believer Book of Advice. Comedians, writers, and actors offer their potent advice to hopeless individuals. The long list of contributors includes (but is not limited to): Judd Apatow, Michael Cera, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Bob Odenkirk, John Oliver, Patton Oswalt, Amy Sedaris, Sarah Silverman, Sarah Vowell, and Rainn Wilson.

Here is one such gem that you would be able to find in the delightful book:

Dear Ed Helms:
Sometimes I forget to start with the little fork and go straight to the big fork. Is this a problem? - Name withheld. Rockford, IL.

Dear Name:
This is a very good question and I hear it all the time. The answer is very simple. If you're genuinely confused about which fork to use, as you clearly are, then you should take the little fork and stab yourself in the left eye. Then take the larger fork and stab yourself in the right eye. At this point you will be in a phenomenal amount of agony and you will be wondering if you will ever see another sunset again. Only then will you truly be free from the tyranny of fork-size equivocation.

Zeesy Powers: last minute event!

TOMORROW, APRIL 21st 7pm. A performance by Toronto artist ZEESY POWERS

The Ghost

Physical Dream Extraction Theatre by Zeesy Powers.

Canadian Premiere

After performances in Japan, Berlin and Los Angeles, Montreal gets its first look at this new projection performance by Zeesy Powers. Combining watercolour animation, live dance and audio collage, The Ghost is an obsessive and beautiful work based in the body, floating in the sky.

"Hilarious art." - BeardPuncher

"You wish your farts could do that." - Maurizio Cattelan

Hip & Hop won't never stop!

Lessons learned from our second kid-oriented event:

1) kids move fast!
2) you can never have too much juice
3) turtles and bunnies can be friends.
4) jay-zebra is surprisingly bad at rapping.

Check out the impossibly adorable evidence:

I (heart) N.Y.

I've been following Christoph Niemann's New York Times blog, Abstract City, for a while now, so I was pumped when I found out he decided to come out with a little book based on one of his posts, appropriately called I (heart) N.Y.

As a New York illustrator, Neimann decided to pay homage to his dear city through scenarios created with the ever adaptable LEGO.

The images are quite simple, but incredibly smart and funny. I found myself giggling out loud through the aisles of Drawn & Quarterly as I flipped through the book.

Do you want to embarrass yourself giggling awkwardly in a public place? Then pick up this book!

Pictures from the Ghost Pine launch

Yesterday night, we had the pleasure of hosting the launch for Ghost Pine, Jeff Miller's collection of 13 years worth of zine-writing.

After a brief introductory reading by Alastair Rimbaud (Brendan, that was your name, right?), Jeff gave the audience an honest and insightful talk on the Ontarian punk-rock scene, selective memory and his general passion for zine-making.

Jeff also treated us with a full-on multimedia presentation, complete with the cassette tape soundtrack of his hardcore-infused teenage years and a voice recording of his grandma telling crazy stories from the past.

Let me show you some pictures. This is Brendan reading from the very first issue of Ghost Pine.

Here's Jeff standing next to the Ghost Pine logo...

...which comes from this odd and mystery-ridden (and filthy) baseball cap.

The store was full and everyone was in good spirits. Good job Jeff Miller!

Speaking of the store being full of good spirits:

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