This Saturday May 1st is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! This means anyone who comes in the store that day is entitled to a copy of YOW!: A John Stanley Library Grab-Bag, the free comic book we exclusively put out for this very day!

This free comic book features 6 stories written and (mostly) drawn by the brilliant kid's comics creator John Stanley. This means comedy, good times and a piece of Nancy, Tubby, Judy Junior, Melvin Monster and Choo-Choo Charlie for free and for everyone (as long as supplies last).

Also supplied that day will be Fantagraphics Books’ contribution to Free Comic Book Day: Jim Woodring's Weathercraft and Other Unusual Tales. This one includes an excerpt from Weathercraft, Jim’s forthcoming graphic novel, a handful of Frank stories, and other delightful and puzzling features.

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