Grow Great Grub. Tonight!

Tonight: Friday, April 23rd @ 6:30pm. Librairie Drawn & Quarterly. A launch for GROW GREAT GRUB with author Gayla Trail!

Over the last week we've developed these two little plots of land in front of the bookstore. We were are hoping to go from slightly gross, cigarette butt infused soil, to full on food-growing-fertility!

Luckily we have an expert in town. Toronto author and blogger Gayla Trail has been gracious enough to launch her book, help us plant a garden and impart on you her wisdom of the green thumb.

We even went all over town to source compost. Thanks Eco-Quartier @ Jeanne-Mance Park and Tom for letting me stink up his car!- *Above ^ A local handy man inspects our work.

Gayla, her husband Davin and I took a trip to the Jean-Talon Market and picked a bunch of plants for our garden. Above you see: English Thyme, Strawberries, Mint, Oregano, Garlic, lovage, Tarrogon, Coriander, Radish and a few varieties of lettuce! Stop by a little early if you'd like to participate in planting these little guys with us.

Gayla will be here around 6 to give us a hand planting and then the event will get started around 6:30. Gayla will be giving a slide show on planting in small places, as well as answering questions. I've seen some nifty seed packs that I'd imagine are for you (so long as you come!).

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