Healthy food for everyone!

We have two new books in the store this week that cater to a fun, inspiring and super healthy lifestyle. Yes! Who could ask for anything more?

First book up is Elizabeth McCorquodale's Kids in the Garden. It's a really lively book, that makes you just want to run outside and start workin' in the soil.

She give information on a variety of fruits and vegetables. and tips on the best way to grow them. Mmm, I'm salivating over the thought of home-grown tomatoes at the moment.

The book also provides tons of easy, kid-friendly recipes inspired directly from the food and herbs that a family could grow.

And! This book is full of wonderful puns. Puns can only work to make a book better, in my opinion.

Since soil is an integral part of planting, McCorquodale provides a section in the book on composting. Perfect for kids who love getting their hands dirty.

Our other new book is Karen Solomon's Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it. Just start saving your kitchen jars and you'll be set for all the homemade goodies offered in this book.

Soloman even shows you how to make regular, chocolate, or coconut flavoured marshmallows. Oh gosh...coconut marshmallows!! Makes me wish I had a fireplace at home.

How to make homemade butter (+tons of shaking). Easy as pie.

And how to make your own brandy, for all the classy fellows out there.

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