Ice-T shot me in the face

"He entered as a superhero."

""Introducing the Ghostface Killaaaah! No one could get iller!" wailed the late Ol' Dirty Bastard in 1993, giving the stage to a man unhinged, his temper wild, his expressions veiled behind a mask of dark hosiery, the kind a thief wears to a liquor store heist."

Luke Fox spent years writing for Pound Magazine, a Canadian urban music magazine. He's interviewed many of the big names in rap. But don't worry, these aren't interviews, really. With titles like "Gang Starr - Lemonade was a popular drink - and it still is", and "Kool G Rap - Sensitive Thug", each rap artist gets his own story mythologizing, romanticizing, and describing in imagistic prose his encounter with Fox, and some amount of backstory.

Luke Fox is enamored with rap music, and his fondness for these people radiates through each story, the way they mimic and play off each rapper's style: in "Kanye West - And my interviews are hotter", he warns us that this story must be "God's gift to Microsoft Word."

What's that you say? You want to know about the book on top of the Luke Fox stories? Turfizm is published by the same local group, Sometimes. It's split into two parts: Jean Labourdette's circus sideshow mixed media pieces (see pigeon below), and photographs taken in his studio while he works and plays with his dogs.

Who can resist rodents with halos praising the glory of pudgy pigeons? Not I.

The first half of the book is fun, but the second half gives us a chance to snoop in corners, peer at Labourdette's adorable dogs, and check out artworks in progress. After all, we here at D+Q love to see people's living spaces.

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